About Us

My adventures, experiences and love affair with books.

I started this book blog in January of 2016. This January month marks the 2nd year anniversary of this blog. As far as I can remember, I have always loved reading. I can remember reading the my first grade English book from cover to cover at night before sleeping. I think stories about other places have planted the seed of my love for travel. I love that reading takes me places without getting on a plane and paying for a ticket. I can be anywhere in the world and be among other cultures without having to leave the room. Books have widen my horizon about life in general, the world, and even the universe. I love Reader's Digest Condensed books. My sister used to buy them from a second-hand bookstore and I would read them after she's done. It was where I was introduced to Dorothy Gilman, Clive Cussler, Mary Higgins Clark, Wilbur Smith, Dick Francis, Robin Cook and it was how I started my love affair with mystery, suspense, and thriller. I also try to keep up with new authors. Starting the blog and being on Goodreads did that for me. I meet contemporary, new, and indie authors who out of nowhere found me through my blog or any of my social media accounts and asked me if I could review their books. And that's the best feeling in the world. Blogging and reviewing books has become a lifestyle for me. I won't give this up ever. Books have saved me in a lot of dark and overwhelming situations in my life. They have often put things in perspective when real life gets too much. Yes, I am not a bookworm! I am a book dragon! I eat, breathe, love and live for books.

Gurlay was born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines. A graduate of Accountancy. Spent 7 years in Metro Manila working in BPO's and Shared Services companies. Loves dark chocolate and hates the color pink. Loves to travel, watching movies, eating out with friends, and trying out new hobbies. A frustrated photographer and chef. Dreams of travelling the world and getting paid for it. Created a travel blog (My Walking Shoes) the same time as the book blog but has focused more on the  book blog. Has three nephews and one niece. One nephew teases her of spending too much time reading books, taking pictures of books for Instagram and writing reviews. The nephew often says, "Always books! Books again? Haaay!" But he is the most excited to open the book mails when they arrive.