Saturday, July 2, 2016

Prince Charming Must Die! (The Grimm Chronicles #1) by Isabella Fontaine

Prince Charming Must Die! (The Grimm Chronicles #1) by Isabella Fontaine book review

This is the first book of the Grimm Chronicles by Isabella Fontaine.  The title is catchy and curious. Made me wonder why Prince Charming has to die, of all people? This is another version of the famous Grimm brothers' fairy tales. A different take on the classic stories. 

Alice Goodenough is about to graduate from High School and she will soon start on her summer job at a local library which to her is the best place in the world. Aside from that, she has the perfect boyfriend - Edward.

On her first day at the library, the librarian asked her to return to the basement a worn out fairy tale book. While in the basement, the most bizarre and surreal thing happened to her. She met a giant talking rabbit and she found a magical pen. As per the rabbit, she is to be the next champion who will have to dispose of the corrupted fairy tale characters created by the Grimm brothers with the use of the magical pen. One of her assignments would be to kill Prince Charming. Alice will have to find Prince Charming and figure out how to kill him.

This is an adorable book. I love fairy tales and I really relish how Fontaine gave a different twist to the classic fairy tales everyone grew up on. I would not want to be in the shoes of Alice. Who would want to kill Prince Charming? Not me! But in this endearing book, Prince Charming has to die. I loved it. It was really straightforward with not a lot of nuances. It was so straightforward that I think the story was a bit short, too short. There was not a lot of buildup before Alice killed Prince Charming. I was thinking, there should have been more before the story came to an end. It was short and sweet. I enjoyed it and would love to find out what happens next. I found that the four volumes has been finished and there are now twelve books in all. Wow, I have a long way to go.

This is not the typical fairy tale that we are all accustomed to. No, there was no "and they happily lived ever after" because Prince Charming has to go, as in evaporate. 

I give the book three and a half stars.  For those who love a fun and light read, this is it. It's not taxing and the pace is relaxed enough.  Good for lazy days. Days when you don't want to overexert yourself and overthink. Perfect when you just want to chill and take it easy.