Friday, March 15, 2019

The Emergent Threat (War Eternal #2) by J. F. Cain | A Book Review

The Emergent Threat (War Eternal #2) by J. F. Cain | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I've read this way back in July last year. Yes, I know. It took quite a while to write the review. As I've mentioned in one of my posts here, reading has never been a problem for me. It's the writing of the review that takes time. It's a bit of a process for me. Sometimes, I need to be in the mood to be able to come up with a really objective review. I just don't want to throw words out there. It had to be representative of what I feel and what feelings the story drew out from me. Sometimes, even if I intended to write a review for a particular book, I ended up writing a post for another one. Again, it's the mood. Sometimes the mood I'm in is not conducive or does not facilitate the writing of the review of a particular book. 

Right now, I'm not in any particular mood, so I think I can go ahead and finish this review. Alex and Aranes. These two are beings that have been with each other for years or maybe centuries. The only problem now is Alex can't remember his past or how he is related to Aranes. What he does remember is he's drawn to Aranes helplessly. 

This story continues the battle between good and evil. Here, Alex is starting to remember his past and why he's now on earth. What he's supposed to be and what's his role in the overall scheme of things. Aranes gave up everything for him and now he must do the same for her and to make sure that Lucifer does not succeed in his plans of dominion over heaven and earth. There are a lot more revelations here. Some are a bit disappointing because it may seem like Lucifer got the upper hand. The same way as the other characters were surprised by the revelations, I was too. 

One other notable character in the story which I think seems to be a wild card when you look at the bigger picture is the fallen commander of the Powers- Abriel. I am not really sure where his loyalties lay. I think he may still be playing the field. I think he has something up his sleeve which is probably the real reason why he's currently in Lucifer's lair. I'm going to go ballistic if this theory ever comes true.

So, there's a lot of things to look forward to in the next book. I can't wait to see what will happen next. A lot of things is going on and it seems that some of Lucifer's minions may have their own agendas. Of course, they're evil, they each had to look out for their own hides. Their selfish desires will always come before whatever Lucifer's mail goal is. With that said, I give this book 4.5/5 pairs of black wings, reminiscent of Abaddon. I didn't want this book to end. I wanted to have more. I didn't like ending in this installment. It bodes for very dark things to come. But then again, I'm still rooting for the good angels to defeat the darkness. Just like how St. Michael's is represented in his statue - holding down Lucifer at his feet, defeated. I'm hoping in this series, it would be Abaddon who's going to rip Lucifer apart again. Just like in their previous encounters. 

Thanks again, J. F. Cain for the review copy. I'm really sorry for the delayed review. Thank you so much for your patience.