Review Requests from Authors

I just noticed that I have been recently receiving a number of review requests from really cool authors on my blog. In order to keep track of the requests, as we are all powerless when it comes to remembering everything, I decided to make a list of all those requests that I got. The list includes requests sent through my this blog, from Twitter, from Goodreads, received through my email and those I signed up for which are not from the usual sites like Netgalley, Library Thing, ebooks for review, PR and blog tours sites. 

So, here is the list and I am really behind. I decided I would stop signing up for blog tours and concentrate on these books. I still have a few book tours to be done up until June but they are so few, about less than ten.

To all the authors who sent me their requests and I don't think I have turned down any since their books are all interesting and I would like to meet new authors, I will try to read your books within a three-month time frame and come up with a review. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. It's an honor.

Highlighted boxes are books that have been reviewed. Please click on the link and you will be directed to the review post.

Requests Received Through:

Blogger Contact Form-

  Death Unmasked by Rick Sulik
  Twilight Tsunami by Shelby Londyn-Heath
  Unwritten Melody by Tessa Hall
  Releasing Demons by Linda Rose
  Black Bullet by Linda Rose
  Liquid Cool by Austin Dragon
  Heritage by Addie Hunter
  Deadly Spirits by E. Michael Helms
  Reckoning Daze by Michael Beaulieu
  Book of Shadows by Michael Beaulieu


  Ideal High by Valerie Epson
  Along Came a Wolf by Adam Reece


  How to Stay Fit: A Fitness at Home Guide by Jessie K. David

Sign Ups-

  Living in Italy: The Real Deal by Stef Smulders
  A Year of Light and Darkness Helena Fairfax
  A Bitter Taste of Betrayal by CeeCee James
  Undertow by Joss Dey
  Achtung: Nazi Zombies by Shatnu Twari
  Serenity by Craig Hart
  Serenity Stalked by Craig Hart
  Serenity Avenged by Craig Hart
  Skinny Capuccino by Alicia Kaye
  Double Negative by C. Lee McKenzie
  Blade of Forever by Scarlett Dawn
  Sunset Conspiracy by Steve Hadden


 The Trembling Leaf by T. L Kole
 Broken Shadows by Tarek


 Eye on the Prize by Dmytro Holmes
 After Impact by Nicole Stark
 Virgin of the White Rose by Glen Craney