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As you all know, I've been getting a few author review requests lately. I am so thankful for that. I never expected that I would actually get to this point where I would be getting at least 5 requests in a week. I am just too happy to help all the authors and I have never turned down any request yet because I just don't have the heart to say no. Anyway, I like variety in my reading so that's what I exactly get through the requests. Yes, I have helped authors and I am so proud to be able to do that. But in more ways than one, I have benefitted more from this than them. I get free books, I get to meet new authors, new characters, and get to go on new adventures. And what's better than that? And in some way, I'm like a reviewer who specializes in ebook formats because that's mostly what I get. I also admit that asking for hard copies as a review material would be too much because I know how costly shipping to the Philippines is. That's probably the reason why I get so many requests and maybe because my reviews are as honest and objective as they come. I believe so. 

Anyway, Author Xchange is an idea that sprung because a recent request from an author asked me if I know of any other authors who would want to review other authors' books. This author that gave me this idea wanted other authors to review his books in exchange for a review of the author's book also. I thought why not, right? It's a very brilliant idea so I borrowed it came up with this page as a venue for that. So, any author who wants another author to review their books may just email me through the contact us page. I will list here the authors who are willing to participate in this initiative and authors may choose which books/authors they want to review. It's up to you authors to discuss however you want to go about the exchange or I can also facilitate that. Sounds like a plan, right? I

I will add details about this new Author Xchange on the Review Policy

I hope this works.

For those who want to sign up, please click on the "I want to join the Author Xchange" link below and fill out the Google form.

I want to join the Author Xchange!

First off, I have the honor to present the author who gave me this idea. Thank you!

Title: The Erotic Muse
Author: Rajeev Singh
Genre: Erotic, Horror/Dark Fantasy

The Erotic Muse' is the story of K, a young porn-addicted  

college-dropout who shies away from relationships and harbors dreams of  becoming a writer. Full of anguish, he is given to self-abuse. One evening,  while masturbating to his favorite erotic muse, Fanny Leone, sprawled on  the cover of an underground porn magazine, K finds himself magically  transported to a parallel world where all sexual desires and perversions  are fulfilled, although with the price that he might remain trapped in this  unique pleasure-hell all his life – unless he can find a way out. This 'way  out' is his redemption, a journey studded with heart-stopping adventure,  life-threatening danger, nerve-wracking horror, and a brush with true love.

Authors Who Signed Up:

☐ Jason Lavele - Whispers in the Shadows

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