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Magic, Inc. (Magic, Inc. #1) by Valerie Rutherford | A Book Review

Magic, Inc. (Magic, Inc. #1) by Valerie Rutherford | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

This is another book I got from Library Thing. If I had known that this was a very amusing and cute story, I would have tackled this sooner. 

As the title and the cover suggests, this is a young adult story with a lot of cute teenagers in it. The main character, Jane Roberts is really cute and endearing. Actually, Jane is not yet a teenager, she is still in fourth grade and she is experiencing for the first time how it is to be so drawn to someone and how it's like to fall in love. More like puppy love. This book is a good combination of magic and very young romance. A book you could easily connect with whether it would be the story or its characters. 

Jane's character reminds me of how it was when I had my first crush. Unlike everyone who tends to giggle and scream like a banshee when her crush just passed by the hallway, I was more of the mum and remain-quiet-type. My crushes are my deepest secrets only known to a very select few who had sworn their life over ever telling it to anyone. I had a bad experience of being teased endlessly when I was found to have a crush on someone, so I never want to repeat that humiliating experience again. 

Magic, Inc. disguises as a movie or TV outfit when in truth it really is a company where a family who practices and use magic like Harry Potter owns it. It's the most effective yet most obvious disguise but normal people were never wiser. So, when Jane got initiated into this new wonderful world, she embraced it and found she actually had a place in it. Yes, this is quite a coming of age story for Jane with a lot of cute, giggly and euphoric moments with her crush who is nine years older than her. 

Ah, Chaz Parker. Just the epitome of a big brother, a friend, a best friend and that of a friend's big brother that you have a very big crush on. I especially enjoyed the scenes with him and Jane alone in the studio room and he showing Jane about making a website and all. And him doing something very special for Jane was just so sweet and banshee scream-worthy. Yes, I want him for Jane. He is too nice and sweet to Jane that I wouldn't mind giving him up for her. And I like Jane's character. I think I can see my young self in Jane too. I too went through some bullying in my grade school so I feel like Jane is a kindred spirit. You know, kids who share or went through the same kind of experiences tend to stick together. So, I too would like to keep up with Jane and her next stories.

I do want to read the next books in the series. I want to know what important role Jane plays in this new and amazing world of magic. And with that sad ending there, I don't think I will rest until I know what happens next. And I would definitely want to see if Chaz Parker feels the same way for Jane. I know, he may have given some hints that he may have the same feelings but we can never be sure. Chaz may just find her cute being a ten-year old and all. There are also some characters in the story who may seem significant in the next instalment so I am looking forward to that also. And a conflict and betrayal is brewing so it will get even more interesting.

I give this book 4/5 wands. This is a nice story for young readers as well as adults. I am way out of my teens but I still feel like this story is for me. It made me relive the good things about my youth and the simplicity of those gone years when my problems were a bit simpler and less stressful. This has been a very enjoyable and engaging read. I look forward to reading more of the series and other stories from the author. 

I meant your different in your heart. It's a wonderful thing, but it makes you easy to hurt. And kids love using that against you.
- Valerie Rutherford, Magic, Inc. - 

Thank you again, Library Thing and Valerie Rutherford for the copy.

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