Book Review Policy


I review all genres and authors and in all forms -- ebooks, print copies or audio books. If you want me to review a book, please tell me if you need it to be reviewed at a certain date so I could include and squeeze it into my TBR for the month. I usually do that for ARC's. As much as possible, I post reviews before the release date but sometimes real life gets in the way. As much as possible, I make sure to post the review within a week or two of the release. And when you send out review copies, I hope it's the full version of the book not the condensed or abridged version. It would help me make a more honest and objective review.

For released me books, please allow me a three-month period to read and review your book.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I would be honored read and review your books. I am looking forward to meet new authors and find new stories.