Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bernie and the Lost Girl (The Universe Builders #0.5) by Steve LeBel | A Book Review

Bernie and the Lost Girl (The Universe Builders) by Steve LeBel | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this book from the author when I signed up for his newsletter. It took me a while to read this. Finally, I have gotten to it and I felt like this story was too short. I wished it were longer.

The title of this book reminds me of a Lego toy. I think it has something to do with the word "universe builders".  I have three nephews and one niece and they love playing with Legos. They build whatever suits their fancy and tickles their imagination. As it turned out, this story is not too far from my assumption about Legos. The only difference is instead of using blocks in building, the characters in this book build universes with moons and planets.

This is a fascinating story about a world of gods. Of young gods going to school to learn how to build universes. And like humans, not all of them are adept or skilled at universe-building. Universe-building is not a natural gift for every god. Young gods had to study to be able to learn how to do it. Bernie, the main character in this story is one great example. He is not good at universe-building. He is actually struggling in school. And what's harder is he has to measure up to his father who has won an award in universe-building. A father who left them to pursue his career further.

As I said, this story was too short for me. I wanted it to be longer. I wanted the author to explore more on the world where Bernie and the rest of the gods live. To expound more on their day-to-day lives. What really fascinated me about this story is that these gods, as I've mentioned are just like humans, they too have their own fears. One is not to go beyond the edge of the plateau where they live. It is an unknown world beyond the plateau. Even the forest is a place very few venture into. 

I give the book 3/5 Lego blocks. I wanted more from the story. The characters of Bernie, Suzie and Lenny are promising to be very interesting characters. These three are turning out to be young law-breakers, in a good way. It is because, they are willing to break the rules to save someone even if it scares them out of their wits. They are willing to go out of their comfort zones and defy the norm. I like this wild streak they have in common and I am looking forward to the next dangerous and rule-breaking adventures of this trio.

When each child is born, Order and Chaos fight for dominance. For most children, it's a close battle, and the child ends up with only a slight inclination toward one side or the other. This imbalance is what we call the cloud...But for people like you Bernie, your cloud is so strong. When Order and Chaos were supposed to fight for you, Order never showed up.
- Steve Lebel, Bernie and the Lost Girl - 


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