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Skinny Cappuccino ( A Feel Good Romance) by Alicia M. Kaye | A Book Review

Skinny Cappuccino (A Feel Good Romance) by Alicia M. Kaye | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

Skinny Cappuccino
A Feel Good Romance
by: Alicia M. Kaye

Publication date: October 27th 2015

Genres: Clean Romance, New Adult, Inspiriational

For twenty-five year old Michelle, starting a cafĂ© with a gorgeous man was supposed to be fun, exciting and thrilling…until he disappears.

When Clive decides to take time off, for an undetermined amount of time, this leaves Michelle realising how little she knows about running a coffee shop. Her degree in English Literature can only help so far.

If she didn’t have enough on her plate trying to make ends meet, her landlord, handsome Arthur Banks Junior is ruthless and unreasonable. He’s obviously set to bankrupt her but Michelle's not afraid of a fight.

Michelle discovers Arthur has problems of his own. If they could just stop being so antagonistic toward each other and work together, maybe they can help each other out. 

I had this book on my TBR for quite a while. I think I had this last quarter of last year. I have been meaning to read this but failed in the attempt as I had signed up for quite a lot of book tours in the first three months of this year. Finally, I've read it but then, the review took about a month to get posted also. Phew, here goes.

Does any of you love a skinny cappuccino? Is this your favorite drink at you favorite coffee shop? I am not really a coffee-person. If I were to drink coffee and that is due to a necessity or if tea and cocoa have become extinct, then it would be with a lot of milk. There is a local brand which is called "blanca" which I think just fits my taste buds. So, skinny cappuccino, for all other tea-drinkers like me who doesn't care much about anything to do with coffee, is coffee with non-fat milk. I hope you got where the skinny came from.

I give this 3/5 cups of coffee. This was a fun and easy enough read. As easy as drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea. No heavy drama. Just clean fun with some bits of information about coffee. The main character is a woman with strong character. She setup her own coffee shop and when her partner disappeared and left her with a ton of problems, she solved them on her own and even traveled literally and figuratively, outside of her comfort zone. Add in a best friend who is as spirited as she is which gave more color to the story. This is absolutely a feel good romance. I also call this an inspirational romance.

The first few encounters between Mickey and Artie were really awkward and amusing. Their back and forth of trying to antagonize each other was very fun to read. They started like cats and dogs who can't seem to agree but in the end, they were able to help each other get out of their individual financial dilemma. Yes, this ended well and I couldn't be more happy.

One thing more, I love how the book started. It was just hilarious and I couldn't think of a better way. This story started with alarm bells literally ringing. As in--Don't panic. It's just an alarm. That two-liner just had me and I know right there I would enjoy this book.

If I knew security guys were this good-looking and flirty, I'd trip the alarm all the time.
- Alicia M. Kaye, Skinny Cappuccino -

Thank you again, Alicia M. Kaye and AXP Read and Review for the copy.