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Clutch by Lisa Becker | A Book Review

Clutch by Lisa Becker | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

According to this story, men are like bags. And I find the comparison very amusing and very fitting. The author is very clever to come up with this idea. It's amazing. And yes, I did enjoy the story. Thanks again, Lisa W. Becker for the review copy.

For a person who likes bags and at one point, thought that the more I have them, I could have more variety and more choices to choose from. I used to think that it would be amazing to have bags in all colors to match outfits or have a different one whenever you feel like it. I'm not one who buys expensive bags. I used to want to have different styles for versatility. But now, maybe it comes with age, I realized I don't have to change bags as often and I want my bags to last. I realized, I don't need a lot of bags. Just one functional and durable one. And just like in this story, you don't need all these bags but one. One you can hold dear. 

And I guess, it goes the same with men. Unlike the main character in this story, Caroline, who had the luck or the misfortune of meeting these different kinds of men,  depending on how you look at it, I've only been in love three times. I have a lot of guy friends but I never ever thought of comparing them to bags which is a very clever and hilarious idea. I think the closest thing I could compare to having a relationship would be my jobs or the companies I've worked for. I think the explanation is very lengthy, so let's not get into that.  I guess, reading of Caroline's experiences with men is hilarious but if this were real life, it's actually disastrous. Yes, I do admit it's interesting to meet these varied types of men but I prefer not to engage with them knowing all these things from Caroline. I am  good just watching Caroline from the sidelines here. I don't envy her. But having a man and a best friend like Mike in her life is what I covet.

Mike, he's a good sounding board. A very reliable best friend. But the best thing about him is he wants to carve a path of his own even if it's going to be hard. Even if it would mean he could be disowned and not have the comforts and luxuries in his privileged upbringing. Not a lot of guys would have the same strength of character to turn away from that.  I know normally, a lot would bet his life living on dad's money.

Mike and Caroline. I think the reason why these two took a long while to realize they are what each one needs is because they've gotten so used to the idea that they're perfect together as best friends. It never occurred to them that they're perfect for each other more than that because of the bond and experiences they have shared. They are each other's rock. And this is what I liked most about the story. The fact that these two just simply did not see right away that they are just meant to be. It was frustrating having to witness Caroline go through these different dates or relationships and knowing that none of them were bound to last. And after each fall out, Mike was always there to deal with the aftermath. No question. He was always there. It was part of how things are. The ever supportive best friend. Ah, I just love best friends who end up together. I wish the same is true in my life.

The book is very perceptive. Again, I can't stress enough how clever  it is to compare men to purses. And it's a very accurate and very interesting metaphor which every girl could very well relate to and understand. I guess, if you have a friend who have gone through a lot of boyfriends and have not realized that she had been buying the same type of bag, just in different sizes and colors but it wasn't what she needed because it was not functional, poor in quality, and does not suit her needs, letting her read this book will probably make her come to her senses sooner than all those heart to heart talks combined. I think this is a very good book to understand men. I think every girl should read this book. The entertainment value alone is so worth the time.

With that said, I give this book 5/5 clutch bags. Again, this is a hilarious, perceptive, and very educational story. Nothing more to be said except for all of you to read it. I'm so happy that this book was handed to me. 

I don't need to drive you crazy. You're close enough where you can walk there all on your own.

- Lisa Becker, Clutch - 

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