Friday, June 3, 2016

Pasta Book Tag!

Pasta Book Tag!I am still in a rut so I decided to do another book tag. This time it is a pasta book tag I got from nerdy talks.

It is about dinnertime and I am in the mood to talk about food...pasta. It's probably the easiest and fastest meal to make.

Serving now on a platter:

1. Macaroni and Cheese - The most heartfelt work you've ever read.

All of Khaled Hosseini's books. His books are just so raw and realistic. They wring your heart out until you bleed.

2. Spaghetti and Meatballs - A work you know inside and out (like you can twirl with your fork).

It would be Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I bought all the books. As I have mentioned in my previous book tag, I love mythology and these books are like my "Idiot's Guide to Greek Mythology".

3. Lasagna - A work filled with complex layers.

The Hiram Key by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. It is an investigative study on Pharaohs, Christianity, Freemasonry and the discovery of the Secret Scrolls that talk about Jesus. The book details his crucifixion and death that would make one question if the Church has taught us the truth.

4. Stuffed Shells - A work that is attention grabbing (stuffed with goodness) from start to finish.

Sahara by Clive Cussler. This is the first book I read of Cussler and he has made me a big fan and follower ever since. Everytime I go to a bookstore, his works are the first thing I look for. His books are thrillers that has cost me a lot of sleepless nights for I can't put them down.

5. Penne Vodka - A work for a younger audience with an adult theme hidden inside.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and the Chronicles of Narnia series.  It speaks of religion and believing in an ultimate power that would conquer evil. C.S. Lewis being a theologian and a Christian apologist, his books often have religion and Christianity embedded in them.

6. Elbow Macaroni - A work that is easy to read.

All books of James Herriot. He is a British veterinary surgeon. All his works are about his calls to farms and really comic experiences of treating animals. His books are so hilarious. He has initiated me into the art of literary comedies.

7. Farfalle (Bow Ties) - A work you would read to catch someone's attention.

It would be Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson. It is a book about change management. I see it as a book on knowing when to keep fighting and when to let go and move on. To give up some endeavors which are looking to be futile and focus your energy on more productive activities. This book has taught me to let go and that I will always find something better. I need not suffer.

8. Noodles - A long work that was a great experience to read.

It would be A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The book is so thick and there were times that I was lost. I felt like some parts were not relevant while reading them. After finishing the book, I realize the book was really good and I forgot about the parts I thought irrelevant. 

9. Lo Mein - Your favorite work of  Eastern literature or about the east.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu though the one I read was an English translation by Lionel Giles. Sun Tzu was a Chinese general who lived around 500 BC. The Art of War is famed to be the oldest military treatise in the world. His principles of warfare are also applied in business, management, sports and diplomacy.
Divide and conquer.

10. Ditalini - A writer you feel is essential to a particular genre.

 A lot would come to mind: John Grisham for novels on law and legal thrillers, Nicholas Sparks for romantic-drama fiction with melodramatic deaths and Lewis Carroll who started the genre of literary nonsense which a lot of people enjoy and is actually a psychology book.

11. Favorite Pasta - What is your favorite pasta?

My favorite pasta would be seafood or tuna pesto. It's healthy.

Wow, this was fun. I would love to do more book tags. It is a great exercise for remembering the books I read and which ones have made an impact on my life.

See you again on my next post.