Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Who's that Girl? by Alexandra Potter | A Book Review

I  have read this  book a  few months  back. When  I  saw it again on my eBook reader I forgot what this book was about and I had to browse through it again to remember. 

The title is a bit vague, not unless you read the little description on the cover that you will realize what this book is.

I remembered how much I enjoyed the book. I recalled how I was sitting with Charlotte in her car.

Who's that Girl? by Alexandra Potter | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

Charlotte Merryweather works at her own PR agency. She was driving to work when she spotted her old orange beetle. It was on the opposite lane. The next time she saw it, she impulsively followed it. It drove through the old neighborhood where she lived while she was in her early twenties. The most shocking thing of all, is that the driver of the old beetle is her younger self. Could this be true? Is she hallucinating? She decided she might as well meet her younger self.

This is some kind of time travel story. I really really like it. It's bizarre, witty and funny. If I were in Charlotte's shoes, I would also follow my younger self out of curiosity. And if meeting a younger version of me means I will be able to correct some mistakes, I would do it in a heartbeat. I have no regrets in life but like most of us, if we were given another chance to make things better, I would gladly take it. I too have what if's but I don't wallow in them. It's when I get nostalgic that I sometimes wonder what if I did this, would my life be like it is or would it be any better? Human as we are, we often feel that we could have done better. And I sometimes wish, maybe in an alternate universe there is a better version of me, someone happier right at this moment, especially when I am having a bad day.

I dig the story. Very imaginative, yet it might just be a tad true. It's not too fictional. It's as if, it could actually happen to you. 

I give the book four shiny orange beettle cars. I really enjoyed it and I was riding shotgun with Charlotte on her bizarre meeting with Lottie. I was there laughing and crying with her "now self" and the younger version. This book surprised me. I thought this was one of those mushy romantic comedies but it wasn't. It is stories like these that I love finding new authors and getting to know them. Finding really awesome new books I could lost myself in and forget I was just sitting in a small bedroom in a row house in a city somewhere in Southeast Asia.

I would love to read more of Alexandra Potter and I am so curious what her other books are about. I am giddy with excitement and wonder, like a kid on Christmas ready to open my present. What would it be this time?

If the worst thing is going to happen, it'll happen. Worrying can't protect you from that. And if it doesn't happen then you've missed out on all the time that when you could have been having fun.
- Alexandra Potter, Who's That Girl? -