Saturday, June 25, 2016

Three of A Kind - Dorothy Gilman (2/3): Mrs. Pollifax on Safari

This story was created from the travels of Dorothy Gilman to Africa. All her stories are from her experiences while exploring different places and cultures. 

Three of A Kind - Dorothy Gilman (2/3): Mrs. Pollifax on Safari

Mrs. Pollifax on Safari

After the epic and incredible success of Mrs. Pollifax's first assignment in Mexico, she had become one of the Agency's very reliable and valuable assets. With her proven resourcefulness and very dependable intuitive skills, she has been given other assignments and sent to other parts of the world. Her new assignment is to pose as a tourist again but this time join a Safari tour in Africa, Zambia in particular. Mrs. Pollifax accepted the job right away as she has never been to Africa and who could refuse an all-expense paid safari. Her job is to take pictures of all the people in the tour group. CIA has received a report that the notorious assassin-for-hire known as Aristotle will be joining the safari. No one has seen this Aristotle character. He is credited for various high profile killings around the world. Aside from that, her good friend John Sebastian Farrell is known to be in Lusaka, Zambia and Carstairs wants to know if he still wants to work for the CIA. He has retired a few years after working for them for 15 years.

So, Mrs. Pollifax went on to join the safari. Once she got to Lusaka, she set out to find Farrell. She tried the local phone directory but no luck. She also tried asking for his forwarding address from the bank and post office but was unsuccessful as well. After seeing a local ad in a newspaper, she was inspired to post an ad for Farrell to find her.  Much to her surprise, other people were also interested in finding Farrell - the local police and spies from Rhodesia. The question now, what is Farrell up to?

Three of A Kind - Dorothy Gilman (2/3): Mrs. Pollifax on Safari 2

This is another exceptional undertaking of Mrs. Pollifax. As much as I relished her other books, this one is still as adorable as can be expected. Never fails. It still maintained its trademark - the uncanny, eccentric and resourceful Mrs. Pollifax. In this book though, Mrs. Pollifax met an interesting man. Yes, a love interest - retired judge Cyrus Reed. Here, Cyrus proved to be a very helpful friend and a knight in shining armor of Mrs. Pollifax. After her successful stint in Mexico, she has decided to learn new things like karate. She found that at her age, life is still full of surprises. Mrs. Pollifax was able thwart the almost assassination of Zambia's president and identified the real Aristotle who was wearing a disguise during the safari. Thanks to Mrs. Pollifax's super keen powers of observation. She was also able to find Farrell, he saved her from the spies from Rhodesia who abducted her.

Another one unbelievable adventure of Mrs. Pollifax. I will never go tired of her ventures. Never, ever. Not in this lifetime or the next. Believe me, you have to read her books to know what I am talking about. I could not say more lest I say too much and spoil the books for you. I love Mrs. Pollifax!

Another gold medal for Dorothy Gilman.