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Angels' Whispers (War Eternal #1) by J. F. Cain | A Book Review

Angels' Whispers (War Eternal #1) by J. F. Cain | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I've always been fascinated with Angels. There was even a point in my life where I was bordering on obsessed with them. I collected angel figurines and even read a lot of books on them. I even had a notebook where I had notes about them. I listed the names of the most popular angels, their special characteristics and what they can do. I also noted those very unique names so I could use them to name my kids. I still have that notebook until now. No kids still though. So, when the author reached out to me through the contact form on my blog last October 2017 asking me to review his book, I agreed without thinking. It's about angels, there's no way I'm going to pass that opportunity. Just so know you also, I had bought and read books on fallen angels by Lauren Kate and Becca Fizpatrick and I have ebooks for Thomas E. Sniegoski's fallen angels books too. Yes. Not too obvious that I am a great fan of angels and their stories. I am a believer too that these heavenly and otherworldly beings exist. I have a few experiences which in a way could be attributed to their interventions. 

Angels' Whispers. This story is a classic good versus evil. Here the unending battle between good and evil is showcased. This reminds me of scenes in the movies when a person is caught in a moral dilemma and he has to make a very significant decision. He's pictured with an angel on his right whispering him to do the right thing. Period! While on his left, the devil could not be outsmarted. He's whispering what the opposite decision would give the man. He's trying to buy him with material things, power, or a mighty boost to the man's ego, or all of the above. A lot of the same scenes are pictured out in this story. The only difference is, the devil or the angel picks a person they can influence. Obviously, those with thoughts and deeds that are leaning on the bad side are picked by the devil. Honestly, the devil doesn't have to do much. He just have to whisper what benefits will come out of it to inflate the man's ego or add to his wealth. The person succumbs just easily. The devil and his cohorts know that they only need to play with the man's selfish needs and desires and it's a done deal. No resistance at all. On the other side, the angels also take interests in humans who are trying so hard to do good. These charges are still susceptible to the devils persuasion but the angels make sure that their hold on their charges are as solid. Especially, if their charge is going to play an important role in the overall scheme of the good versus evil scenario.

Alex Mayer, the center of the Superior of the Angels' attention. Aranes was tasked to take a close guard on Alex. And then, Aranes broke the most sacred rule of all when she saved Alex' life after an avalanche. And the most confusing thing of all, it seems like the Eternal Source is also taking a very special interest in Alex and Aranes is yet to find out. What could be very special about Alex? Aranes vows to uncover that mystery.

This is a very good start to a very intriguing and captivating series. As I have said, I have read books about angels, both fallen and not. And this book is not anywhere the same or a repeat of those stories. Of course, you can't roll out the part where these heavenly beings fall in love too. But apart from that and the age old war between light and darkness, nothing else in this story is anything I have heard before. One aspect that I really like is Aranes being the leader of all the Angels. Even higher than Michael (my guardian angel), Raphael or even Gabriel. I totally am thrilled with the author championing women empowerment here. Yes. Aranes, a woman, leads all the heavenly hosts and she's very close to the Eternal Source. Very close in fact, that breaking the most important rule in the book had not lost her title and power. She knows something very big and important is going on and she needs to get to the bottom of it. She will need to do her own research since the heavenly sources and archives are not going to reveal the answers to her. 

Aside from the host of angels and demons mentioned here, other supernatural creatures are also in this story. There are werewolves and vampires also. It seemed like these two mortal enemies are also gearing up for war, just like the angels and the demons. These creatures have also chosen which side they are on. There's more too. It seemed that these creatures too are out to get the humans. So, the humans are not only in danger of the devils unflinching influence but also in mortal danger from the vampires and maybe the werewolves. Ah, the plot just keeps on getting thicker. 

I was really hooked to this story. Not to mention, the really paralyzing suspense and that some characters are not exactly what they are. I also liked how the tension, the push and pull, the undeniable chemistry and the strong connection between Aranes and Alex was set to play. I too was caught up in Aranes' dilemma. If I were in her shoes would I succumbed to these feelings that I thought I was immune to or was not supposed to feel toward my charge or would I fight it to the last inch of my power and strength? Or even give up everything for it? But then, it also raises the most controversial question. If God is love, then aren't angels allowed to love too? This question is one of the most important elements in this story. It explores its implications and maybe the consequences for the angels if they ever happen to fall prey to this most and greatest of all human characteristic. I simply relish this part of the story. 

This story reminds me of the movie "City of Angels" with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. So, if an angel falls in love with a human, does that mean it would be the cause of downfall? We have yet to find out. That question is yet to be answered and the story is just starting. And that is not the only concern here, even more pressing is the impending great war between light and darkness. Lucifer is adamant that he takes over the heavens and be the superior ruler. Or, that there might just be hope for him. Maybe he can still go back to the fold of the righteous and bask in the light again. That aspect of Lucifer's situation is a prospect that seems to just hold a very very tiny glimmer of hope. The story hinted that. Oh, I would love to see that happen--Lucifer becoming an instrument of good again. After all, he was once the greatest of God's army. His hubris-- he thought could be greater than God. In a way, he got what he wanted. He's the king of darkness now, yet there seems to be a part of him that seems to be not at peace with it. I hope these things get cleared in the next book.

I give this 5/5 pairs of angels wings. I was totally captivated by this story. It's an altogether different examination and unearthing of these enigmatic beings. It's another version of the exploration into the ever waging war between light and darkness with the fate of the humans in the midst. I am looking forward to the sequels of this book and I am sure, they are not to be missed. I guess, I'll never outgrow my fascination with angels if stories like these are always going to end up in my hands. I really hope not. I am going to remain just as ever fascinated by new stories about angels. Thank you again, J. F. Cain. I genuinely ate up this story. And yes, I admit. I feel sorry for not having read this sooner. Please forgive me. I think Aranes is whispering that you should let this slight pass.

Noting was more important than that unparalleled moment when love revealed its power. The power that defines everything, that takes away all your choices and makes you find the strength to go up against mighty forces.
- J. F. Cain, Angels' Whispers - 

Thanks again, J. F. Cain for the copy.

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