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Mix N' Match (No Match for Love #3 ) by Lindzee Armstrong | A Book Review

Mix N' Match (No Match for Love #3 ) by Lindzee Armstrong | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

This is the nth book of Lindzee Armstrong that I have read. I have been signed up to her ARC team and I get to be fortunate to get to read all her books for free. This is the third book in the series. Unfortunately, I didn't to get to read her books in chronological order. But it doesn't matter because each one is a stand alone, so you can read them in any order. Whatever suits your mood. 

This installment is the love story of Zoey and Mitch. These two are polar opposites but they seem to have an undeniable attraction towards each other, even if they tried to deny it relentlessly. Zoey is Brooke's best friend and maid of honor. Mitch is Luke's best man and also his loyal and efficient assistant. So, being that Luke and Brooke are going to be married, these two will most likely be closer to each other. And more so, because they both play a very important role to the wedding and to the couple. With the coming wedding going to be held in France and the couple unable to attend personally to the preparations and to avoid everyone uninvited and the press from getting wind of where the wedding will be, these two will have to step up and make sure that the wedding will be as planned. No hiccups.

This is probably the funniest of all the No Match for Love novellas I've read. Mitch and Zoey are like a cat and a dog that can't seem to help but be at each other's throats. Being put together in the City of Lights and where every corner seems to be a romantic spot. Will these two be infected by the love bug too? Will these two finally be soften by the romantic scenery and finally admit that as opposites as they are, they too can find some common ground and be together?

I have read a lot of stories and love stories formed in Paris. I can't blame any of those authors, just looking at those pictures of the city, you can't help but fall in love. These two characters in this story, Zoey and Mitch, were no exception. Paris is undoubtedly the city of love or the most romantic city in the world. These two have walked its street, ate the food and smelled its air. Yes, it's probably something in the air and these two, turned out to be not immune. Definitely, they caught the love bug too but not after a very strong resistance and constant bickering. But love is a more powerful force and these two have no more power over it. They finally surrendered.

I really enjoyed this story. Ah, Paris alone is such a treat already. I imagined myself walking through the streets of Paris, following Mitch and Zoey as they try to get acquainted with the city, at the same time trying to accomplish what they are set to do. All the picturesque landmarks and the museums, it's every traveler's dream. I totally enjoyed that. 

These two proved to be great friends to Brooke and Luke. These do would do anything for their two best friends and make sure that they got the wedding that they dream and they want. These two ended up doing what they probably wouldn't have thought doing, much less ending up in each other's arms and pretending to be exactly farthest from what they are. But in the end, pretending wasn't so bad at all.

I give this book 5/5 bridal bouquets. It's always amusing to listen or imagine two people always arguing or always trying to shoot the other down, but deep down, they can't wait to just be with that person. Definitely, opposites attract just like magnets. And Zoey and Mitch are just a concrete example. They're polar opposites, but their differences are what exactly draw each one towards the other. I just love the quote below. It summed up how these two are just perfect for each other. And wouldn't it be nice to actually meet and fall in love with someone who's exactly your opposite, like the North to your South, yet you can't imagine being with anyone else. He can turn your world upside down but you wouldn't have it any other way.

You have me so frazzled I don't know which way is up. You make me believe I can jump off a cliff and not only survive, but enjoy the ride down and make something good out of the disaster waiting for me at the bottom. You're crazy and chaotic and spontaneous. You upset all my carefully laid plans and schedules. And I don't care.

- Lindzee Armstrong, Mix N' Match -


Thank you again, Lindzee Armstrong for the copy.

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