Tuesday, June 26, 2018

John's Crazy Socks and Their Great Mission

Father and son - Mark and John Lee Cronin, founder and owner of John's Crazy Socks.

Last week, I came upon an online socks store through Dealspotr. Dealspotr is a site where you can find discounts, freebies, promo codes, and deals for all stores and products. I was invited to join this platform to earn additional income. Businesses who are also members of the site have ongoing campaigns and a blogger or influencer can apply to help promote those campaigns. If approved, you'll either get paid, get free products or both. So, it was through Dealspotr that I stumbled on John's Crazy Socks. It's a shop owned by a father and son--Mark and John Lee Cronin. The site got my attention not because of it's colorful, creative, funny, and unique socks but because of how the store came to be. The store is John's idea. He loves crazy socks. Socks with funny designs and full of colors which speaks of individuality. You may ask, what's so unique and different about this father and son socks store then? Well, it's the fact that John came up with the idea to get into business with his Dad. And the most amazing part of their story is that a portion of their sales goes to various charities that help people with Down syndrome, autism, and other mental conditions. This is their mission and commitment to help people like John, who has Down syndrome. This is exactly what interested me. 

If you love Bill Murray, then you've got to have these socks.

As you may all know, or if you don't, then let me tell you. This blog started out two years ago just as an outlet for me for my thoughts and my frustrations. Not to mention, that I love to read and it has been my plan years before to actually start a blog. Yes, this just started out as just me thinking out loud. Making my thoughts known to the world of how I was affected by the story I just read along with all my emotional ramblings. Then, when people started to read this blog, especially authors, and then some of them said that they appreciated my review, I then realize that I could actually help authors promote their books. So, I did and has thus become the main thrust and goal of this site. To help authors spread the word about their book, especially self-published and indie authors. And with John's Crazy Socks and it's very admirable mission, I too wanted to be a part of that. I had this impulse and crazy idea to email them and ask permission to help promote their site. And here I am. And just to be clear, I am not asking anything in return. I only emailed them to ask permission to use their pictures and information. I volunteered to do this out of my eagerness to help because I believe in their cause. I never get paid for my reviews here or any book reviewers for that matter, as far as I know. I wrote this to help spread the news about their site, their mission, and their products. When you buy one of John's crazy socks, not only will you be getting cool and colorful socks but you will be also be helping a very noble cause. A part of the sales goes to the Special Olympics who played an important role in John's development. So, the money you paid for the socks will go a long way and you get to sport colorful and express-yourself socks too. 

Summer socks, as colorful and bright as summer.

So, if you are a bookworm or just somebody who loves to wear socks, you can check out their site and browse through their wide array of sock designs. I do like their United Nations socks. They have all kinds of socks--knee socks, ankle socks, compression socks, foot socks. I mean all types socks. They have it. They also have sock collections. I like their Book Lovers socks and the Dog Lovers socks. My personal favorite is their "Banned Books" socks which is part of their Book Lovers socks collection. If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, you can have the "Books Turn Muggles into Wizards" socks, so "Sock Sundays" will be so much fun. And who can resist curling up in a corner reading a Harry Potter book channeling in your inner wizard by wearing socks inspired by the story itself. Reading Harry Potter will be so much more fun and enjoyable. These socks will complete your Hogwarts ensemble along with your Hogwarts House scarf, robe, and wand. Once your friends will see these, they will want to get one too and you may just have started craze for Harry Potter socks from John's Crazy Socks. These really cool socks will look so good in your Instagram photos too. How's that? 

It's a small world after all. It's a small small world.  

Even if you don't do "Sock Sundays" or take pictures of your socks with your books in a flat lay, or just a person who is really not into socks, just the thought that you will be helping a very noble cause is already a very good reason to get a pair of socks from John's Crazy Socks. You can get one of their gift boxes and send it to someone you know who would love one of these socks. They ship within the same day and you also get a personalized handwritten thank you note from John. If I were in the US, I would have bought their socks already but I am from the Philippines and the best I can do is help spread the word about this father-son duo who wants to help social organizations whose goals are to empower and help spreading awareness about autism, down syndrome, etc. If I get the chance to travel to the US again, then I will surely buy for myself those two Book Lover socks that I really love. 

Really cool Banned Books Socks. 

The main reason why their story drew my attention in the first place is because I have a nephew who was diagnosed with very slight autism when he was two years old. It has more to do with his emotional and behavioral development. My sister resigned her job so she can focus on his therapy and support his development. After a year in therapy, endless support, patience, and follow-up from my sister, he's now very very functional. He is now eleven and goes to a regular school. He's going to be in fifth grade this school opening and is just like all the other kids who can't get his hands off the tablet. Now, his only struggle is his weight. So, hearing about how John's Crazy Socks started touched me because I understand and know how it feels to have a family member who has a mental or behavioral condition. So, this is my way of helping out spread awareness not only for their store but for the very good cause they stand for, which is very admirable.

This would complete your Harry Potter ensemble.

So, if you've read this post, whether you're a bookworm or not, go ahead and check out John's Crazy Socks. I'm pretty sure you will find a pair of socks that would be to your liking. And when you do, go ahead and buy it. It's for a very good cause and you will feel a hundred times lighter and better because you've done a good deed for the day. Don't forget to spread the news too. They need all the help they can get so they can continue supporting these advocacies for Down syndrome, autism, etc. Tell all you friends, neighbors, officemates, everyone. Let's support their cause and let their mission be our own personal mission too.

You can also check out their social media accounts:

Note: All pictures in this post are from John's Crazy Socks website and Instagram account used with permission from them. 

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