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Coral and Bone (The Siren Chronicles #1 ) by Tiffany Daune | ARC | A Book Review

Coral and Bone (The Siren Chronicles #1 ) by Tiffany Daune | ARC | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I know I have said before that I have read quite a few mermaid stories this year. This book is one of them. This is also a totally unique mermaid story from the others that I have read. The story is about mermaids and sirens. In here, the mermaids are the bad guys which is not usually the case. That alone is already a good start to story.

Halen is girl who got sparks from her fingertips. They're like lightning. Tage and her were running from a boy who just came into their house and they both ended up swimming out to sea. When Halen woke up, she was in a different world and secrets about her real identity and about her life had started to surface. One person who he thought was dead was actually alive and now, she must fulfill her destiny, destroy everything or run away from it all.

There was a part of the story that was a bit hazy for me. The part were Halen was talking to Asair in his lair was not so clear to me. Somehow, I did not care much about what their conversation was. In away, it was a bit uninteresting for me. I am not so sure. But I might have fallen asleep during this part. But I am glad that it somehow ended well, though it's obvious that there is a next book. Despite that part where I might have daydreamed or my mind was somewhere else, I actually wanted to read the next book. I'm curious as to what's going to happen Halen. The ending hinted that she somehow did not fully escaped the darkness and Asair's influence. So, that's what's to be expected in the next installment. How that part would come into play when Halen is not entirely herself anymore after her encounter with Asair is totally to watch for.  

Other than that, I think I enjoyed the story. The secrets and all the things that were kept from Halen are really interesting things that would keep you glued the story. Knowing that Halen actually have some other immediate family members that she still had to meet is also a good reason to follow the series. I am especially curious when that other family member will turn up and come face to face with Halen and if Halen will be able to free that person from whatever is keeping her.

And of course, the romance part of the story is also still in it's early stages, so a lot could still happen. I'm pretty sure when that long-lost family member makes an appearance, she will definitely cause chaos and confusion, especially with these two would be lovers --Halen and Dax. Definitely, that person will affect the relationship of these two.

So, there's a lot to be expected in the development of this story and that makes me so curious. I am still looking for a review copy of the second book and haven't found one yet. Hopefully, I would be able to because I wanted to find out if my theories are correct. So, with that said, I give this book 4/5 silver bracelets with star charms.

Every day is filled with impossibility, until you have chosen to see the possible. Once you make the shift to see, life is a less frightening journey. 

Love thrived with trust and wilted with lies. 

Forgiveness is as easy as love. Letting go is the hard part.
- Tiffany Daune, Coral and Bone - 

Thank you again Tiffany Daune and Ben of Oftomes Publishing for the copy. Sorry for the very delayed posting of the review. 

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