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Elemental Ninjas by Mon D. Rea | A Book Review

Elemental Ninjas by Mon D. Rea | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I've been getting a few follow-up emails from some of the authors who have sent me review requests. It is because I'm way past the 3-month deadline that I promised them. Yes, there are no excuses and I feel bad and ashamed. This has been my current dilemma, as I have been having a hard time catching up with my TBR and writing reviews. I know this has always been my song, if you have read my reviews. This has always been a challenge but now it has become worse. I hardly have time to read, much less do reviews because of this new job. I am happy that I am feeling so alive and useful again, but then I don't also want to let other people down. I apologize again to all the authors who requested me to review their books, but I will try to keep up. I hope that I will find the rhythm and balance to make sure that I could keep this new job and keep writing reviews as well, at the same time. Thank you all for understanding.

I got this book along with the other one that the author sent me--Soul City. I've enjoyed Soul City. Having already read a book by the same author, I don't know what to expect with this book, because that was how Soul City was to me. It was not as I have expected, in a good way. So, I was psyching myself up to be surprised and amazed by Elemental Ninjas.

Having read a book by the same author before, I shouldn't be surprised that Mon Rea is one talented creator of worlds and stories. His stories are so well-researched and thought out. Complete with terminologies, myths and legends. I am so proud that this book is written by one talented Filipino. This book is like the animation Avatar: The Legend of Aang or Avatar Korra. There are some similarities but then, this is also a totally different story altogether.

What I love about the book is that it's mixes fantasy and legend and created very relatable and very adorable characters. Sakura is a headstrong and smart princess of the Wind Clan. She is the granddaughter of the Emperor and is the heir to the throne as her father had passed away. Her father's death was the only blight in her almost perfect and happy life. Her father died protecting the Beshazzar's Scroll. The relic that was entrusted to Sakura's family and clan to protect. The relic is purported to give power to the one who wields it to rule over the four clans- Cranes of the Wind, Dragons of the Fire, Bears of the Ice and the Tigers who are masters of geography and great hunters. Temujin is an orphan of the Clan of the Dragon. He was sold by his father into slavery to work in the mines. He met a monk from the Clan of the Crane who trained him, even in the spiritual arts. And then, Sasha, the youngest son of the famous architect Babor of the Clan of the Bear. He and Sakura were childhood friends and had shared a very memorable experience and special bond. These three will cross paths and join forces to find Mr. Babor and bring back the scroll to safety. Away from hands of those who would use it to their own gain and bad intentions.

My most favorite part of the book is when Sakura and Sasha tested the protection of the scroll. It was a very daunting adventure. It was very smart yet very dangerous. I guess, they were just being children. Their intentions though were valid and it was so unbelievable for this two to come up with that plan. Well, Sakura mostly. The leader and instigator of the mischief. And Sasha, just being a good friend and of course, he wouldn't want to miss the fun. I love this part so much that I can read it over and over again and still marvel how these two have successfully penetrated the defenses and found the weak spot in the protection of the scroll. These two even in that young age have proven that they are bound to do great things when they come of age. 

Temujin, an even more admirable character who was brought up in a harsh and cruel life. Yet, he grew up to be an honorable young man and way opposite of what most people of the Clan of the Dragon represent. It was was very bold of him to come to the kingdom of the Clan of the Crane to warn them because Dragons and Cranes don't mix. And it was through this almost suicide mission that he chanced upon Sakura and somehow started their adventure together. When we talk of Temujin, we can't of course forget his very dependable sidekick and friend Griffin, a harpax eagle. Another notable and very cute character thrown in into this mix. 

A budding romance, a budding rivalry and a promise of more adventures into far away lands where more interesting characters will surely surface. Three young people out to prove that they can master their skills, especially in dire and life and death situations. How will these three fare when they face the most dangerous enemy? 

I give this 5/5 shurikens. A very wonderful adventure with very lovable and stubborn characters trying to prove that they are ready for the world. A very enjoyable and amazing coming of age story set in picturesque landscapes with exotic creatures only found in legends. An age old relic that threatens to ruin the peace and cooperation among the three clans if it falls into the wrong hands. An enemy that is otherworldy and hints of some secrets that are yet to be uncovered. I can't wait for the next book and what becomes of this budding love triangle. I can't hold off my grin the entire time I was reading this book. An adventure I most gladly want to be a part of. I am so fortunate to have been given this book. It was a real pleasure and so far, this is probably one of the best stories I have read this year and I want more. Where to next? I have packed my bags and provisions. I am ready. How about you Sakura, Temujin and Sasha?

There are only three times in her life that a ninja is supposed to cry. First, when she is born. Second, when her mother passes away. Finally, when her father passes away.
- Mon D. Rea, Elemental Ninjas - 

Thank you again, Mon D. Rea for the paperback copy.

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