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Snow Owl (The Alder Tales #4) by R.S. McCoy | An ARC | A Book Review

Snow Owl (The Alder Tales #4) by R.S. McCoy | An ARC | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

The last book in The Alder Tales series. It's finally here and it's also sad because the series has ended. I would like to have more of Blossom, Kade, Parson, Raene, Hale, Gemini and Da. These amazing characters have become like family to me as I have seen them grow through the four installments. The tale is concluded and it's a mixture of emotions because then, there would be no more waiting for the next book. I will miss the build up of emotions and the anticipation that came with the waiting. Ah, but it was a very good run.

I think all the important characters in this whole tale have mobilized in this story. It's like all hands on deck. All the Franes and all those that are related to the Franes have to get involved and do something. Everyone has to chip in. Everyone needs to help. Now, it's not only the Franes who are in danger but the whole of the kingdom. 

A lot of things are happening at the same time in this last book. From start to finish, I was filled with tension and I was on edge. I wanted the plan of the Franes to work. I want them to succeed in their mission but it was not as easy as it was. The best thing about this story is it has done what all good last installments do. It tied all lose ends neatly and perfectly. I love how it ended but I wish there was one or two more books. I know the Franes have now found their happy endings and each have found the right person to complete them, but I wanted the story to not end there. I wanted to know how their lives will be after all that they have accomplished and survived.

Everything here comes full circle and truth be told, when you are unhappy you want everyone to be unhappy too. Since you suffered, you wanted people to do the same. When you were robbed off of your choices, you wanted to take that away from people too. Audra Mercer, the grand villain of this story, was a prime example of that and she represents a lot of hurt, miserable and selfish people here in the world that wanted the whole kingdom to feel the same way she felt too. I just wished she didn't have it easy at the end. She wasn't even repentant at all. I wished to pound her for all the torments and sufferings that she had caused just because she was so miserable. I almost thought that she was going to have a change of heart because I thought she might have just found the person she needed. Almost, but not quite. Right to the very end, she did not want to relinquished what little control and power she had left. Well, like in real life, not all villains realize that their end is near, so change is not to be expected. 

There were a lot of revelations here-- of characters, of motives and hidden agendas are now all out in the open. It's no time for subtlety or discretion anymore. The guilty are now made to pay for their crimes and sins. Allies have to band together for strength. A lot of very unexpected characters rose up to do the opposite also. Actions that were out of character.

Yes, I am happy with the story but again, I still could not get over the fact that this series is over. It hasn't sinked in yet. I wanted to have more. 

I give this book 5/5 snow owls. As I have said, the book is a very fitting conclusion to the series. It absolutely and certainly tied all loose ends. Everything that needs to be resolved was resolved and anyone that needs to pay for their crimes was asked to pay back all debts that were owed in one way or another. I perfectly did not expect all the revelations but it wasn't surprising at all too. They all made perfect sense and the dots all connected. 

But the secret to bravery is doing what's needed even when you're afraid.
- R. S. McCoy, Snow Owl - 

Thank you again, R. S. McCoy for the ARC.

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