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Refugees (Mud, Rocks and Trees #1) by R. A. Denny | ARC | A Book Review

Refugees (Mud, Rocks and Trees) by R. A. Denny | ARC | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I've been slower than a turtle in posting my reviews since the start of the year. No, my inner sloth has not been in attendance lately, on the contrary, I have been very productive. I may have mentioned in my previous posts that I just got a new job last December and up to now, I'm still not able to find the right balance to be able to still have time to read and post reviews. It's still a great struggle and often, I don't even have time to read each night. It's stressing me out that the book gods would think that I have neglected my duty. But I will keep trying to find balance to still be able to enjoy a night of bliss with books. I will keep you posted on any development on that front. But I am feeling good about myself again, knowing I am performing so well in this new job.

About Refugees. I got a message from the author through the contact us form of this blog. Apparently, she had come upon my review on Moxie's Decision by Hank Quense and she asked me if I would want to review her book. I read the blurb and I was immediately taken by it because it was about clueless heroes. I love that stuff. 

Yes, this is a story of three clueless young heroes. The title of the series- Muds, Rocks and Trees is where these three came from. Each one is from each tribe. Amanki is a Webbie whose feet are like a duck and he lives near the river. A really good swimmer who feels at home in the river. Moshoi is an Armored one who lives inside caves. His back is full of scales, so the term armored. The first thing that came to mind when I think of Moshoi is an armadillo, because of the scales but you may find a more appropriate animal to compare him to. And Brina, a Glider who live high up in the trees. These three are connected by one destiny that starts as a new star appears in the sky which signals the fulfillment of the important roles they are to play. Join them in their journey. Will their young hearts be bold and brave enough to face and succeed in the challenge?

I love clueless heroes. I love to see the transformation of each character living up to the challenge that is weighed upon each inexperienced shoulder. And this is what exactly happened here in this story. Yes, I know. Prophecies are a little overrated. Yes, a lot of stories were based on prophesies. Most of my favorites are based on one like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc. What's different in this one is there are three. I know Harry got Ron and Hermione but unlike them, Amanki, Moshoi and Brina, mostly share the same weight on their shoulders. It may seem that Amanki may likely have a bigger role to play but Moshoi and Brina would not standby and just be called sidekicks. They play an important role too and that is still to be determined. 

The whole story maps out the origins of these three heroes and how each one came to be chosen to play his/her part. Each is born of strong character and often, not given much credit because of their youth. Like Amanki, the youngest boy, was often underestimated because he was not like his brothers. Moshoi, the oldest but not exactly the favorite of his father. Brina, a good sister but is yet to prove her worth to their whole tribe. The amazing character transformation of these three would likely surprise you. Amanki at such a young age had to witness a tragedy that is too horrible to contemplate. Moshoi bound to prove that he could be a man to his father, embarked on a journey. Brina, fresh from a tragedy and heartbreak had to go off and leave her family to fulfill greater plans and a destiny just to prove her place in their tribe. Your heart will definitely go out to these three. I am not sure which one is my favorite yet. Each one has a purpose aside from going blindly into the unknown led by that one star which started it all.

This story promises to be a David versus Goliath. These three unlikely, inexperienced and too young heroes will join forces to go against one very powerful enemy. Armed with the love and a destiny that they will change the future of their tribes and of the world, they have to go up against an army. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

This is not a story to be taken lightly. The characters may be young and still to have prove their worth but the tragedy, loss, and heartbreak that they have experienced is too much which had strengthened their resolve and character. Yes, in this early part of the story, these three heroes have rose up to the challenge and took on the weight of the their tribe and the fate of the kingdom in their shoulders. Will they be strong enough is yet to be known?

One other character in the book that is a bit ambiguous to me is Metlan. He's the son of the king of the people who work with lions. He seems to be of a different character from his father. I think he's kind of the wild card in this story. I don't know yet where his loyalties lie, to be honest. To his father or to do what's right and just. In the story, he came to realize that some things are not what he was made to believe and I think he may have a role to play in the fulfillment of the destiny of our three heroes. Whether he will be a thorn in their side or an ally is yet to be determined. But I love to see how his role will play out in the next installments of the story.

There are more curious and interesting supporting characters in the story like Brina's father, Baskod, Rhabdom and Pegassi the lion pet of Metlan.  I am pretty sure some of them will make an appearance again in the the next stories. I would love to know how Pegassi will be part of this whole adventure.

I enjoyed the book. It's a great start to a series which details the origins of the three main characters of the story. The background was given in airtight detail. Their history and background were laid out astonishingly. No minor detail was left out. The three heroes characters, background and history is so well established in this early stage. The tragedy and the force that propelled each of them to embark on this journey is done with amazing clarity that there is no mistaking what they are fighting for. It was narrated in very vivid details.

I give the book 5/5 bright stars. This is a great adventure to embark on and I so enjoyed the journey so far. I am looking forward to accompany Amanki, Moshoi and Brina in their quest and I do hope they succeed and put things to right. 

How was it that my Papa could always make me feel like I could rise up into the stars, even when the weight of the world was crushing me to the ground?
- R. A. Denny, Refugees - 

Thank you again, R. A. Denny for the copy. 

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