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Wings Unseen by Rebecca Gomez Farrell | A Book Review

Wings Unseen by Rebecca Gomez Farrell | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this from Netgalley. I read this about two days before Christmas and only got the time today to write a review. It's been a long time coming. I'm still busier than a bee, which I am so thankful for.

Wings Unseen is a story of three people who are next in line. A prince who is about to inherit the throne. A princess who is to be married to the crown prince. And a daughter of a rich nobleman who have the power of the flame. The first born but was denied being an heir. These three people will cross paths and share a common destiny. Each will discover his/her own strength and would help beat the evil that is wreaking havoc all over the land. A trio of headstrong characters. And in this story, they will discover what they were meant to be. They will find their purpose.

This story is set in a kingdom that has been divided. Lanserim and Medua. Medua is a quarter of Lanserim that was given up where all the greedy and the bad people were exiled to have peace in Lanserim. Prince Janto and her bride-to-be, Serra, must go their separate ways before their wedding to learn more of their individual selves. Janto will have to train and pass a test. Serra will need to discover her gift. Vesperi, the girl from Medua will find her place elsewhere. Since her father deemed her unfit to be his heir, then she'd rather be someplace else. 

At first, I wasn't sure if I should hate Vesperi or not. At the onset, she seemed to be a misguided person, just like all the other Meduans were. Meduans are greedy and selfish by nature, so it was to be expected that Vesperi is exactly one. She had her own share of misdeeds. She had used her gift of the flame to cause harm but was smart enough to cover her tracks. So, it was a relief to find that she was different from the rest. She proved that she was not like any Meduan. Yes, her speech and her manners are rough and needed a lot of finesse. That would take time to change and soften. But to her surprise also, she liked being this different version of herself. The better version. It wasn't that bad at all. She could actually get used to it. Being good actually felt nice.

Janto, the crown prince. If he had a choice, he wouldn't want to rule the kingdom. He wants to do something else. He wished his path was not already carved out for him. He wished he could refuse but there's no one else to inherit the throne, so he has to step up.

This contained a lot of unexpected turns and surprises. The three main characters themselves were often recipients of these unlikely turn of events. The good thing is, these three have proven they are more than what their inheritance were. Janto, was not just a prince, he proved his worth that he can hold his own and he is ready to rule the kingdom. Serra, of the three, I think she had most tragic and heartbreaking experiences. Too much is asked of her in this story. She was asked to accept a lot of things that were just too painful. She asked to forgive which was probably the most difficult thing. In the end, she learned to accept her role and the lot given to her. It wasn't that bad at all. And lastly, Vesperi. She probably had the most amazing transformation of all. I think she made this story very interesting. I admit Janto and Serra's adventures, if we were to call them were interesting in their own. But adding Vesperi to the mix made it even more fascinating. Vesperi is the odd one out here. And how she wormed her way to become part of the trio with Janto and Serra, is the most intriguing part of this story. 

This is a well-written tale of adventure, of coming of age and of finding one's self. These three people gave up their personal needs and agendas to help save the kingdom. Vesperi proved all people wrong. Her inner goodness came to the forefront and she can't help but embrace it and forget all together that she's a Meduan who by nature should only think of herself and for herself. I can't wait for the next book. The ending hinted of one. 

My favorite part of the story was when Janto joined the Murat. It was a fascinating adventure. I think their adventures and challenges in the Murat could make another story altogether. The enchanted island and the magical creatures living there are enchanting. And to top it all, having a group of boys of different personalities out to prove himself better than the other is very entertaining. In a way, it was like a pissing contest. They first entered the island as boys and they came out as men, ready to be take on the role they were meant to play. Ready to take on the world.

I give the book 4.5/5 wasps. The story is full of twists and turns. Right at the onset, I know that Vesperi will be important, I just didn't realize how important she was. Her role started as someone you were likely to hate but as the story unfolds, there was so much more to it. And Serra, I think my heart goes out to her. Yet, she stood tall and took everything in strides and with grace. Her character is probably the most admirable of all. At first, she seemed liked a decorative character. Just put in there for her beauty. Like she was told to jus sit there and look beautiful and do nothing else. But it wasn't. Of the three, I think she took more than her share of the weight that they were to bear. Plus her own personal struggles, doubts and insecurities. In the end, she came out more graceful and beautiful and even powerful. So, cheers to these two strong women in this story. They are two very different people yet they found a common ground to work together and became very formidable together. I can't wait for the next book. Will they eventually vanquished the evil that is destroying the kingdom and will they be able to unite Lanserim and Medua as one again? 

I am so tired of being led like a child with a blindfold over my eyes, grasping at feathers I cannot see.
- Rebecca Gomez Farrell, Wings Unseen - 

Thank you again, Netgalley for the copy.

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