Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexandra Potter

Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexandra Potter book review
Be careful what you wish for
'Cause you might just get it all.
You might just get it all, 
And  then some you don't want.

Says Chris Daughtry in his song Home and this is absolutely what the book is about.

Heather Hamilton likes to make wishes. She makes them as easy as breathing. She wishes for random things and makes them a dozen times a day without batting an eyelash. She wishes she could get a seat on the tube, that there was no cue at the coffee shop, that there is no traffic and all other really trivial things. Then one night, under the pouring rain, a gypsy woman approached her and offered her a white heather that would change his luck and make all her wishes come true. And they did come true, only she realized that they are not what she actually need or could make her happy.

I liked the concept of this modern day fairy tale. The fairy god-mother comes in the form of a old gypsy woman and the magical object is the white heather. And just like Heather, we all make wishes and hope that they do come true. In a way, we are all like her. But for me, instead of wishing I pray. I pray that I would get a ride right away, I pray that I won't be late, etc. Little prayers. And it would be so amazing if in real life I would also get a lucky heather and wish on it. I could actually use it badly right now. Like desperately, I need my prayers to be answered. But unlike Heather, I am a realistic and  a practical person. I know that you get things because you work for them. You take action, not just wishing on a lucky heather sitting on your bum. And if I do get to wish on a magic heather, a genie on a bottle or on a falling star, I would wish for something big and would make a really big impact on my life. Something that would not only benefit me but everyone else I care about. Maybe world peace? Lower income taxes? 

This is one of those books that I felt I need not hurry. There was no sense prodding me to finish it right away and find out how it would end. It was not as engaging. I was not worried at all if I finish it in two or three days. There was just no urgency. Also, I was kind of irritated with Heather. True enough, just as she is described in the story, she is irresponsible, careless and does not even think for a second. I wished she were more adorable so I would feel sorry for her but I just read through as the rest of the story unfolds. I did not offer little prayers for Heather. I really hated her when she gave up that dream job because she thought she got it for the wrong reasons. That was really a dumb move. Good thing, the story ended with her realizing the faults in her character and took action. 

I give this three white heathers. It was entertaining but I was not really hooked. I liked the idea and the story but I just didn't like Heather. She's just one of those main characters that I wish were someone else entirely.

... but in the same way that "You can't buy love, I've learned you can't wish for it either.
- Alexandra Potter, Be Careful What You Wish For - 

Alexandra Potter's stories are like modern day fairy tales. I like how she come up with these really interesting ideas. Makes me want to borrow her mind and see what else she have for her next books. I like her. Go girl!

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