Monday, August 8, 2016

That Thing Formerly Known as My Life by Sally Johnson | A Book Review

That Thing Formerly Known as My Life by Sally Johnson Book Review
This is the second ebook I got to officially review. I am so thankful and I am looking forward to more free books to be enjoyed and reviewed. 

Sally Johnson's That Thing Formerly Known as My Life is set in a high school in Rhode Island. About a girl who is trying to fit in, in a new school, in a new place and far from everything familiar and comfortable to her. Even her parents have become too busy with their pizza business that they have no time for her anymore. 

In her first period PE class, McKinley Everest is the only one without a partner. It's because she's the newest girl in school and to everyone else, she does not belong to the popular crowd. Then, one day, all that changed. She is no longer the new kid, a new guy just joined her PE class and has no choice but be her partner. This guy seems to have nothing in common with her. He's good looking and seems to belong to the cool crowd. He seems to be athletic also and he drives a white Camaro. Would this guy become McKinley's friend or he would stop talking to her right after he becomes friends with the jocks and the cheerleaders? What McKinley doesn't know is that Nick has his own secrets. 

At first, this seemed like one of those high school nerdy-girl-meets-cool-guy type of stories. It is, until you get to the part where the real identity of Nick is revealed. I am in for a surprise. It was like an unanticipated punch in the gut. It momentarily stunned me. I really thought he was one of the bad guys. It was a nice twist. I did not expect it until it was too obvious. It reminds me of the American Series Faking It. This is one of the subjects that they tackled. 

That Thing Formerly Known as My Life by Sally Johnson Book Review 2
The book explores the life of a teenager dealing with the issues of high school life along with problems with parents and the changes she has to cope with that came with moving to a new place. Add to the fact that she has to make an effort to make new friends which is not easy as 1,2,3 because she is not as cool as the others. A lot of people can relate to this, not just teens but everyone who had gone through high school. High school, the best part of being a teenager but could also be hell.

I relished the part where McKinley was able to prove to everyone, especially to her tormentors, that she can be better. That she can surpass them all without being obvious about it and when they least expect it. 

I give the book three stars for the very startling twist at the end of story. If not for it, this book would just be another new-girl-in-high-school story. I would like to read Sally Johnson's other books to get to know more of her writing style. I love books that surprise me. I want to find out if Johnson can keep this up. Keep surprising her readers without them ever suspecting.

It would be nice if we could have a say in how our life is going, wouldn't it?
- Sally Johnson, That Thing Formerly Know as My Life - 

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