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It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover | A Raving

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover A Raving book review
A lot of reviews have been posted all over social media about It Ends With Us. I read some of them and they were all raving reactions. My curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to find out for myself if I too will get the same dizzying reaction as what most readers have experienced so far.

And here I am, I have read the book. Let me just do this. 


That is me shouting. I just wanted to get that out. I actually finished the book about three days ago but I only got the urge to write about it now. Before I read the book, I decided to clear my mind of all the reviews I read. I wanted to be objective so I will get a genuine reaction to the book. I was afraid I might be influenced by what I have read and might mistake it as my own. So, I took a few deep breaths and told myself that I don't even know what the book is about. So, it would be more like I would be walking blind. I did not read any synopsis which is a good thing, right? I never once in my life fussed and got myself so flustered before reading a book. 

While reading, my chest started to get tight. I was afraid I might get asthma like one of the readers who was rushed to the hospital because she had an attack after all the heightened emotions Colleen Hoover gave her. Again, I pause to calm my breathing before getting on with my reading. Well, it just got worse and by then, I was deciding if I should get my inhaler, more of a preventive measure to not really go into an asthma attack. Fortunately, I didn't and I finished the book around early dawn, 3AM. Unfortunately, my chest remained tight. Like I have costochondritis again. I could not go to sleep. I just laid still. My mind was blank. I think all my thoughts were wiped out. My brain decided to take a break after that emotionally and mentally distressing affair. I think I was still in shock after all the incredible experience I had. It was like I had a brain-freeze. Like after you get a sip of that frozen drink from 7-Eleven, only I didn't. I was so involved in the story. I did not in any way think I was Lily but I was so affected by what she was going through. I had similar experiences before with other books but not this intense. This is way too much for me. In fact, I only cried once during the whole read. What brought me to weeping was the author's note. I would have preferred to wail if I were alone and if it was not in the wee hours where everyone was deeply asleep.  The story was so raw and outrageously honest. I salute Colleen for being so BOLD for sharing to the whole universe her very personal existence. It was like letting us see her soul. The story was very personal and authentic. I guess that's probably why everyone who has read the book is caught in turmoil and agony because it could happen to anyone.

Of course, the book deserves no less than five gold medals in the Olympics. Well, all of the 23 gold medals won by Michael Phelps in all the Olympics he ever competed in. Hoover can have Phelps as well if she wants. That's how phenomenal this book is. This is probably the most disturbed I am after reading a book which I really really really love. I don't know if there are stories that could command the same violent reactions from me after this. Yes, I think for all those who have read It Ends With Us, we are all ruined, as in emotionally ruined. We may not experience the same intensely incredible disturbing emotions again when reading because this happens only once. A once in a lifetime thing. I don't think there is anything that could get any better than this. I would be glad to be proven wrong but I doubt it. 

So, if you haven't read this book yet, you are a loser. You should read this. Your life is incomplete if you have not read It Ends With Us. I dare you! And you can tell me I am wrong if this book fails to touch you from the split ends of your hair to the dirt on your toenails.

One more thing, I think this book should come with a warning. People with heart ailments, asthma, hypertension and those that are advised by their doctors to avoid undue emotional stress, should take necessary precautions before reading this book, if not, be sure to have your doctors on call.

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