Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sealed Up (The Course of Fate #1) by Steve Dunn Hanson | A Book Review

Sealed Up (The Course of Fate #1) by Steve Dunn Hanson Book Review
I always love historical thrillers. So, when I read the synopsis of Sealed Up, I immediately signed up to review it for free.

Sealed Up is a story about an archaeological find that will change history and will prove one of the world's religious book to be true accounts of events. The story is set in the regions of the Mayans in Mexico and Guatemala. Complete with the involvement of the head honchos of the drug cartels and a religious fanatic obsessed with finding an object of power.

Steve Dunn Hanson is on the rise to be in the same league as the famous historical thriller writers like Clive Cussler, Steve Berry and Dan Brown (All three are my favorites).Though, not quite as intense yet as the writings of three mentioned, but pointing to be in that direction. The plot is very fascinating. It has all the premise of an engaging and astounding archaeological search. A find that will prove a lot of legends to be true. These are the kind of books I live for. With disaster and mishaps lurking in the edges, enough to make you root for the protagonist to keep his eyes peeled for danger. Not one, but two really selfish and self-righteous villains. One driven by a mad search for a self-fulfilled prophecy. The other a evangelical fanatic obsessed with artifacts that is supposedly a source of power. Add in an ambiguous character, one who does good deeds with his right hand while the left hand is immersed in the drug trade. it's a story of multiple facets, with really interesting characters bound to make you wonder how they will culminate in one event.

This book is very well-written. Enough suspense that will make you hang on and itch with anticipation as to the next chapters. You will want to read this book in one sitting for you don't want to miss what happens next. I enjoyed this adventure and this has fortified my wish to visit the Mayan ruins. 

It is obvious that a lot of effort is done on the research of the historical aspect of the novel which makes it more believable. I give this novel four gold bars. It has almost all the aspects of an engrossing read. I enjoyed it and would love to read more historical thrillers from Steve Dunn Hanson. I would like to find out if he is the next historical adventure writer to watch out for. This is my favorite genre so I am always on the lookout for very talented writers who have a gift for making historical events as alive as the early morning news. I am looking forward to the next book of The Course of Fate series. Hopefully, I get to have the copy for free also. The same way I got this e-book for review.