Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Three of A Kind - James Herriot: 2/3 All Things Bright and Beautiful

All Things Bright and Beautiful is the sequel to the All Creatures Great and Small. This time James Herriot is in his third year as a vet in Yorkshire and now married to Helen. Here he talks about how different his married life is from being single. New characters are introduced here both humans and furry creatures. As expected, you will never go bored. It is as funny as the first book. A lot more of his misadventures with the creatures he is called upon to see. Animals who have a mind of their own, apart from the quirks of their owners.

In here, he wished veterinary medicine were advanced and vaccines could have been discovered during those times, it would have done him a lot of good and also saved the poor farmers. A lot of lambing. Herriot's experiences of ewes giving birth. Cute, adorable and feisty canine characters are also included. Of animals that surely have been dead but have miraculously came back to life due to Herriot's accidental discovery of a cure.

Three of A Kind - James Herriot: 2/3 All Things Bright and Beautiful

Like all James Herriot books, this is a very relaxing read. Just like lounging in a hammock by the beach and the feel of the fresh breeze blowing in your face. Need I say more? Read the book. I have a lot of laughs while reading this and no wonder, James Herriot is for me the best comedy writer of all time. I am sure he is surrounded by people laughing at his stories in heaven.

The ewe's life had been saved not by the medicinal therapy but simply by stopping her pain and allowing nature to do its own job of healing.
...that animals confronted with severe continuous pain and the terror and shock that goes with it will often retreat even into death, and if  you can remove that pain amazing things can happen.
-James Herriot, All Things Bright and Beautiful -

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