Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Love is Blue by Rosemary Danielis | A Book Review

I never thought there could be a thousand things to describe and name the color blue. Rosemary Danielis' writing is so descriptive and vivid. I love the names of the colors. I never thought they could be so lengthy yet charming like red iron oxide. It seems like being a painter is so cool because you can call colors and shades fancily.

My Love is Blue is the story of Emma, a painter, who is having a hard time getting over the death of his beloved Julian. She suffers through depression and pain, and painting is the only way she knows to get through each day. One day, her mother introduced her to Grayson, a New York police officer who wants to learn how to paint. And to get her mother off her back, Emma decides to take on Grayson as a her first art student. Because of Grayson, Emma learns a lot about herself, of Julian and the truth why she's struggling to make a living out of her painting.

Since, this story is about art and paintings, it should follow that it's aptly very descriptive. It is indeed! A lot of metaphors and figures of speech that I definitely would want to highlight. If only my copy was in paperback, the pages would be glowing in orange, or in an artist language, cadmium. They were so abundant that I was so in awe where the author got them. I thought, if I would like to read a book full of figures of speech, this would be it. They were used so appropriately that I can't help but wonder if the writer was an artist herself. One who plays skillfully with distinctive words to leave an impression. If the book were a painting, it would have been a hodgepodge of all the colors of the color wheel and the rainbow because of the lavish figures of speech. Those were I guess, the best parts of this experience.

The story is well-paced, not too dragging or too fast. Though, I was very impatient to get to the part where everything will be revealed to Emma. It was realistic. With no frills and straight to the point. I've figured out the bad guy before it became too obvious, as there were already hints as to the identity of the person. I like how the character of Emma developed. It was done in a really subtle way that even she didn't realize it. Even though, the story started as dark and painful, it ended with hope and a lot of love. 

There was a scene on the edge of cliff that made me think about how it would feel like to plunge into the bottom of frigid ocean. Would my survival instincts kick in and fight to stay afloat or will I just hold my breath until my lungs give out? Don't worry, these are just musings. Yes, I know, musings of a lunatic. But I am far from mad. It just that when life crushes you too hard, you wonder how would it be like, if all the pain would just suddenly go away. I too, feel like I am at the edge of a cliff. Contemplating on making a jump. With the cliff scene,  I came to a realization that I do not have anything that inspires me. I am currently, honestly, devoid of inspiration because I still haven't figured out what I really want to do with my existing situation. I am feeling lost because I seem to lack a reason for getting up in the mornings. But on the bright side, I have lost the urge to just sleep the day off and not wake up. I don't feel awful waking up in the mornings anymore. That's an improvement, right? And I am thankful for all the free books I am getting, that I at least have them everyday to focus my energy on. This blogging and writing reviews for the books I read is my way of expressing and unloading. My outlet. One day at a time. Just like Emma. One book after another. Hoping for some revelation will somehow be gleaned from the pages. 
Maybe, I could come up with an idea to make a living out of my love for books? A novel and lucrative idea. One that has not been thought out before.

I give it three rainbows. It was a good read though there were few typo errors which can be easily ignored. I liked it because it made me think of possibilities and circumstances. It is introspective without it really being harsh. As I said, it's subtle. You won't immediately recognize that it's asking you to think of your situation and how you came to the current point in your life. That was what this book did to me.

With our fingertips, we trace each other's faces as if our features were written in Braille.
- Rosemary Danielis, My Love is Blue -

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