Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Friends Are All Strange by Margaret Lesh | ARC | A Book Review

If you have seen my last post before this one, it was also for an eARC. Learning from what happened with the other book, I now make sure to read the eARC's sent to me before the actual release date out of respect for the author. And I understand that I got an eARC so I can read it before anyone else gets a copy and I should abide by its purpose.  

My Friends Are All Strange is another psychological fiction. I have been reading a lot about crazies lately. This is my third book. This talks about a strange girl named Becca. Becca is a senior in high school. Due to lack of sleep and pressure for the SAT and college applications, she had an episode in the school cafeteria. She took of her shirt because she felt too hot. Her mom brought her to Brookside to allow her to sleep and get back her normal sleeping habits. Also to manage her condition which is still to be known.

While in Brookside, Becca met new friends who are like her suffering from some disorder. Will Becca be able to overcome whatever is plaguing her mind? Would the doctors be able to diagnose what is really wrong with her brain?

My Friends Are All Strange by Margaret Lesh Book Review

The book is about Becca's journey as she struggles to take back the control of her mind. She has an imaginary friend who is illegally occupying her thoughts. Becca wants to get rid of him because he is not helping. He keeps on blaming Becca for everything. Troy, the illegal brain squatter is in Becca's dreams and those dreams are not pleasant. Worst of all, he is around even when Becca is awake. 

Becca has always been strange even before the big episode in the cafeteria but it was managed because of her father. Her father was always there to comfort and calm her down. I think her condition got worse right after the death of his father. Also, she was never diagnosed. I just thought, if her condition was referred to an expert in the early stages, the incident at the cafeteria could have been avoided and Becca would have been better off. But at least, the doctors and psychiatrist were able to help her and in the end, she felt better. Troy was no longer living rent-free on her mind. I am at least glad that she has become well and is on her way to conquering college.

I signed up to read the book because the title is very intriguing. I was thinking what kind of strange friends? I thought there was a hint of paranormal or horror but it wasn't. It was all about the strange workings and disorders of the mind. Some may be in the genes, others caused by a tragic or traumatic event and the mind has its own way of coping, strange as it may. 

I was not so taken by the book. I admit Becca's character is weird but is endearing in some ways. I just expected more. I was a bit deflated when I found out that the strange friends were just people with mental and behavioral issues. I was expecting something else. Probably, some special traits other than the love for Hello Kitty and skills in playing pool. 

I guess, the book is reminding everyone to not forget our mental health. To always get enough sleep and to try to manage the different stresses of daily life. Whether they are emotional, social, physical and psychological. All these problems, no matter the size could always have an impact to our health -physical and mental. The best takeaway I could get from it all is to always get enough sleep. Sleep could always cure everything. For me, sleep has always been my go-to remedy. If I am unhappy about something, I will try to sleep it off. To at least give my mind and heart some rest. And when I am depressed, I would prefer to sleep the whole day. And if something is really off, consult a doctor. Early diagnosis could mean a lot. Early intervention could spell a better quality of life for that loved one. Above all, an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. It would also help if you have a very good support system of friends and family who will always be there for you, no matter the state of your affairs. 

I give the book two and a half stars. Thank you Margaret Lesh for the eARC.

Is free will an actual thing, or do we just think we're making all of our decisions and someone else is actually pulling the strings.
- Margaret Lesh, My Friends Are All Strange - 

Release date: October 18, 2016.
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