Monday, September 19, 2016

Rimrider by L.A. Kelly | A Book Review

So, I got this book from I am not sure what's going on but I seem to have a few science fiction books on my TBR which I didn't actually realize once I started reading them. Rimrider is the fourth of the sci-fi works I read in a span of about two weeks. The first one had a good plot and it was fun to read but I was not sure if I wanted to read the next books in the series. The next two were very engaging and I somewhat don't want to expect more from this so as not to disappoint myself. Well, great thing, this is a really really fun and enjoyable trip to outer space. I love this and can't wait to read the next one in the series.

Rimrider by L.A. Kelly Book Review

This is a futuristic story. One wherein people on Earth can get into a shuttle and find work in the rim colony. The rim colony is where prisoners on Earth are sent to serve their sentence and do hard labor. When they have served their punishment or escape, as what most do, they can also settle and find jobs in the rim. The rim is a planet mined by UEC (United Earth Corporation) for bentite as fuel for spaceships. Our heroine, Jane Benedict is a teenager who lost her parents while working for UEC. Their deaths were very suspicious and Jane suspects that there was foul play. Before her dad left for work, on the last day that she will see him, he gave her a set of alphanumeric characters to memorize and never tell anyone. His dad never came home and Jane and his brother Will, were left under the care of Mr. Gunter, their dad's superior. Fortunately, Jame received a message that a passage on a ship leaving at midnight had been prepared for them. Jane and Will decided the best thing for them is to leave earth and go to the rim colony and find their long-lost aunt.

I have mentioned on my previous post that I am not really a fan of sci-fi. I have read some. There were some I enjoyed and some that had left my head spinning. This book doesn't seem like sci-fi to me. This seemed more like an action-adventure, only it was set in outer space. The characters are really interesting and I even surprise myself because I really gobbled up this book. I love Jane, Will and Gem. This is kind of a tiny bit like the latest Star Wars movie - The Force Awakens. Rey is Jane in this book. Like Rey, Jane is destined to be very useful for the cause against the UEC. They are both females and are both independent and smart. Rey was abandoned and Jane is an orphan. As Rey's fate is to be the next Jedi, who has the Force, Jane is also fated to be the new Rimrider who could save a lot of people and hopefully make the settlement and Freetraders independent of UEC. I think that is how the similarities are but they are totally different stories. If you enjoyed The Force Awakens, I believe you will enjoy this too and be awed by the adventures and struggles of Jane and the Freetraders. As in Star Wars, there is also a collection of vibrant characters here that no doubt will make you endear them.

What I really dig about the story is the common use of spaceships. In here, riding a spaceship is as common as your daily commute to the office. A good thing to look forward to in the future, especially for travel bugs like me. What a treat it would be to spend a vacation or a weekend in Mars or in some other star because space travel would be just like hopping on a plane to Singapore or Hong Kong.

I am not sure if 3 out of 4 makes me a sci-fi fan already. But I really had riots of fun while accompanying Jane on this adventure. I give this book four spaceships. My only very slight grumble is that the ebook copy furnished to me had the letter "L" missing throughout the entire story. I don't know if it was in the printing. But it did not at all made the story less fascinating. It had no effect whatsoever to my enjoyment but it was just a very common occurrence that I had to mention it.

A Freetrader's past is unimportant. The true measure of a person's worth is how he or she lives today.

- L. A. Kelly, Rimrider -