Monday, September 19, 2016

Game of Love (The Remingtons #1) by Melissa Foster | A Book Review

If you have read Melissa Foster before, I am sure you know that her books are hot. Yes, drop it like it hot! Her books are hot and steamy romances with very unique stories. Her characters also are always ripped hot men and sexy talented ladies. 

Game of Love is part of the Love in Bloom Series. This is The Remingtons Book One. Of all the books of Melissa Foster that I have read so far, this is my favorite. Not a lot of hot and steamy sex like all the others but enough. I am no expert. But I think here, it has more emphasis on the story and the development of the characters. And I think, I really liked how this is done. 

Game of Love by Melissa Foster A Book Review

This is how the story goes. Dex Remington is a game developer and he reconnected with his teenage best friend Ellie Parker. Ellie grew up in foster care and has trust and other issues. Running away from Washington from an ex-boyfriend who she thought was married, she went back to New York and incidentally bumped into Dex on her first night back in the city. From there, no matter what she does, she can no longer get away from Dex. And Dex turns out to be her savior, again.

Did I say I really liked this book? I did. I did like it. One very obvious and silly reason is because just looking at the title reminds me right away of what the story is. Game of Love, the guy was a gamer. That easy. Unlike the other books of Foster, I have to try to recall what the story was and maybe read the summary to recall it. So, the recall factor is really a thing for me. Silly, right? But I love to be able to remember the stories I read right out the bat just by looking at the titles. So, it's kind of a downer if the title is really far from what the book is. Anyway, as I said, the story is not overflowing with sex scenes and is more focused on the development of Ellie and Dex's characters. And I know that I just repeated myself. Their story is not that unique but it has its own appeal. They were best friends and Ellie had a habit of leaving Dex without a peep, without saying goodbye. Dex has been hurt twice by Ellie for being abandoned and left hung out to dry. But he can't still seem to leave Ellie alone. He still wants to be a part of her life. 

Like all books of Foster, the story ended well but it seemed like there is still more to the story of Dex and Ellie. I want to find out. I appreciate how Ellie finally decided to make good and strong choices for herself and her relationship with Dex. Well, after Dex sort of gave her an ultimatum. 

I gave the book four stars.

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