Monday, September 5, 2016

The Andromeda Project (The Cluster Chronicles #1) by Jason Michael Primrose | A Book Review

The Andromeda Project (The Cluster Chronicles #1) by Jason Michael Primrose Book Review
It's been a long time since I've read a sci-fi novel.

It took me more than a week to come up with a review for this book. I actually don't know what to say or how I feel about it. If I hadn't gotten a message from the Jason (the author) on Goodreads. Yes, I know, I feel like we're close calling him by his first name. So, as I said, Jason was asking how the book was and if he didn't, I would still have postponed writing this to have more time to mull over the book and stew.

My reviews are not really critical reviews. I think I am not there yet. As you all know, I am still in the early stages of being a book blogger.I used to just read and just write my thoughts or reactions provoked by the book on the back pages. I have been reading since I was six as so you know. :) I don't exactly tag my posts as reviews, except for those I signed up for free in exchange for honest reviews and for ARC's. They are mostly just about my feelings  and thoughts. Anyway, let us not debate on the technicalities of a review. 

Usually, I make it a point to make a summary of the story in my own understanding and own words. For this book, I can't seem to come up with one that would be good and comprehensive enough. I fear, if I try, I might just confuse the other readers. Or maybe, it was more on the fact that a lot of things happened in this book and I just don't know if I would be able to summarize it without spoiling. So, I am skipping a rendition of my own synopsis on this one and it has more to do with my inability to come up with a suitable one. I admit I am an imbecile this time.

So, back to The Andromeda Project. As I said, I am not really fond of sci-fi. I can't remember why I downloaded this book from Kindle. Probably, because the plot was curious enough and it was free. There were chapters I enjoyed in the book. There were also parts where I wanted to put it down and just do something else. In fact, I did stop reading and started another book. I guess, overall, the book did not capture my fancy or stir a lot of emotions or reactions from me. It was fun but I also felt glad that I was done reading it. In some way, it felt like I was forced to finish it. Until now, I am not really sure if I liked it as a whole and if I wanted to read the next one. This book is just not for me and it felt too good to be true. Yes, this being fiction is not lost on me. But I think I would like to watch the movie if this turned into one. I felt this would be better done in the big screen with all the special effects and fight scenes.

I apologize to Jason for being so unclear and undecided about the book. It was just not for me. I give it two stars. 

Point of being leader is take responsibility of success and failure; no one else can take punishment for all of this but you.

- Jason Michael Primrose, The Andromeda Project (The Cluster Chronicles Book 1) -