Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nanny Returns (Nanny #2) by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

I finally got my hands on the Nanny Returns (sequel to The Nanny Diaries). I have read the first book years ago. I got my copy of The Nanny Diaries from a second hand bookstore. I enjoyed it very much. So, I was so happy to learn that there is a sequel. It is just unfortunate that it took me years to remember that I still need to read it.

After ten years, Nan returned to New York. She got married to Ryan (a.k.a Harvard Hottie) and have lived abroad. Now, they are back in New York, is Nan ready for all the changes of the city, the people and her life? 

Nanny Returns (Nanny #2) by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus book review

I really enjoyed the first book. I thought it was so hilarious. A peek into the grand lives of New York's elite. I was expecting Nanny Returns would be as hilarious and witty as the first one. I was bracing myself to be rolling on the floor laughing. 

So, I was surprised when I realized that the book is not anymore hilarious. Not funny at all. All I could hear were Nan's worries. They were echoing all over the place. I am annoyed of how Nan was acting. She just allowed someone to be bullied. She didn't intervene. I was so disappointed. I can't believe she would forgo building a family of her own because of her fears. Her fears are unnecessary. 

The writing is as great as the first book but I just did not like how the story had turned. Yes, a lot of changes, including Nan.  I did not expect that she would turn into someone controlled by her fears. She's a confident woman and I would like her to be always that. She lived abroad for ten years. I think she can take whatever New York has to throw at her, even if it was far from what she expects. I didn't like that she just folded, right away. And I was scared for her that she will lost Ryan.

I give it two and a half stars and it has nothing to do with the writing. I thought the story is good but in a way off its direction. Not really the way I expected. I wanted it to as funny as the first but it wasn't. I think I will read The Nanny Diaries to get over my disappointment on this book.

Is it that they normalize being mean for one another so they never have to address what they're really angry about?
- Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, Nanny Returns -