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Black Lilith (Black Lilith #1) by Hazel Jacobs | A Book Review

Black Lilith (Black Lilith #1) by Hazel Jacobs | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

Black Lilith is a name of the band. A very popular rock band. 

This is my first time to read a story about a rock band. The behind-the-scenes, the after shows, the backstage happenings, the road tours and the groupies are all laid out open here. The details of managing a rock band and dealing with its individual members are also explained. Very well researched. This is as far as I can go to being a groupie without actually having to go beyond my comfort zone. 

The two protagonists--Mikayla and Logan, first meeting here was so awkward. Of the two, I think Mikayla was the lucky one in this encounter. She was at the right place at the right that she ended up being the new personal assistant of Black Lilith. A very coveted place to be--to be surrounded by talented and good looking rock gods of Black Lilith. If in real life, by some stroke of luck or by some loop hole in the universe and I end up becoming a personal assistant for a popular band, let's say Lifehouse. I would greedily grab the opportunity. It's not everyday and not everyone gets to work closely, 24/7 with their favorite band. I think it's one of the best jobs in the world. Yes, fan-girling here.

Obviously, from the start, Mikayla and Logan were attracted to each other but because it is a big No-No that band members fraternize with PA's, they both tried to deny their feelings for each other. But, "out of sight, out of mind." Seeing and working with each other everyday, round the clock definitely only made them drawn closer to each other even if they try to act otherwise. Feelings, the more you hide them, the worst they smell. 

I felt the tension and the awkwardness of the two forbidden lover's situation. It permeates the room even if I was just a bystander. The story is rife with strong emotions and discord between the band members. I can feel vibes right where I was sitting. It was so easy to get carried away and become part of the story. I think the cover absolutely fits the tone and atmosphere of the story. It's dark and black. This maybe a story about a rock band but this does not give out an all giddy and light feeling. Like the same feeling of lightness or flying after watching The Script concert here in Manila. This story is filled with dark and heavy emotions. I was actually astounded to realize that this was how the story made me feel. I'm saying it's a good thing.

I give the book 4.5/5 concert tickets. I like how the story ended. All issues and misunderstanding among band members have been cleared. Mikayla gets the boy and she also gets her dream job which is to be an events manager. I guess, it's just right to end this story on a lighter note. This book sets the benchmark for all stories which feature bands in them. I think I will be comparing the next stories of the same theme to this one. This one is right there at the top of the pile. Looking forward to next stories in this series. I am prepared to be shown to the inner workings  and horrors of the limelight.

Treat me like your daughter and not your punching bag. 
- Hazel Jacobs, Black Lilith -

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