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Halfskin (Halfskin Series #1) by Tony Bertauski | A Book Review

Halfskin by Tony Bertauski | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I got this autographed paperback copy from the author. Thank you again, Tony Bertauski. I have read Humbug: The Unwinding of Ebeneezer Scrooge of the Claus series and really enjoyed it. When the author asked who wants to get a copy of this book, I was faster than Road Runner and responded to his call.

This book reminds of Robin Cook's Chromosome 6 and Ken Follet's Third Twin. One thing common among them is the theme--bio-engineering thriller. This book is at par with the two famous writers' work mentioned above. This is a very engrossing read. Makes you think of the possibilities and implications if this book were true. I think I would like biomite injection to remove all those unwanted hairs in my body. Hairs in the armpit, legs, etc. It would really be a great convenience to the women of the world. Or I could also have biomites to improve brain function to the point of having a photographic memory. It would be so awesome to recall facts and figures just from having browsed or read them at one time.

This book talks of a time when diseases are no longer the culprit for the loss of lives. Anything can be cured and any imperfection can be corrected. Biomites are artificial stem cells, they are the answer, whether medical or just for enhancement --superficial or necessary. Then, this poses the question of morality. Up to what point can you have too much biomate in your system? When do you ceased to be human and become a machine? 

Cali Richards is a brilliant nanobiometric engineer and she's using every ounce of her skill and access to save his brother. The only family she has left, apart from her daughter. Cali is one bad-ass heroine. She's like a hacker and a doctor combined. The book talked about how Cali was able to bypass and cheat the system so she can save herself and her brother from being terminated because they both have 50% biomites in their bodies. 50% the threshold for too much biomites and is grounds for termination--death. She has to outwit and outlast the system tracking biomites in humans and the one person who made it his life's mission to rid the world of biomite-infested machines. Too him, they are no longer humans. So, killing them is not murder but a service to the human race. How twisted is that?

In a way, the story of Cali and her brother Nix is tragic. Nix has escaped death because of biomites and then hunted down to be killed because he has too much of it in his body. How cruel is that? From the frying pan into the fire. I am fervently rooting for them to outsmart everyone and escape their death sentence. 

I give this book 4/5 wheel chairs. This is a very captivating read. It has been years since I last read a book of this genre. I always have this fascination for medical thrillers. I had no inclination or fantasies of being a doctor, except when I was about 6. It was in Kindergarten and I was asked what would I want to be when I grow up. I can't remember what prompted me to think of being a dentist. Probably, it was because no one in the class has taken it yet and everyone else has claimed the other professions which earn one a title such as a doctor, lawyer and engineer. Up until the first two years of high school, it was what I thought I wanted but realizing it entails studying dead bodies and a high tuition that my parents can't afford, I decided I am not suited to be one. I'm not sure if this special fascination for this genre is brought about by my younger and idealistic self's frustrated dream. 

I am looking forward to know what happens to our three protagonists. Will they be able to escape Marcus Anderson's reach? I will definitely want to read the next two books in the series. 

But this man, he would dog them to the end of the world just so he could watch them die.
- Tony Bertauski, Halfskin -  

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