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Sketchy Tacos (International Adventures #1) by Meg D. Gonzalez | A Book Review

Sketchy Tacos by Meg D. Gonzalez | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

This is the story of Mila, an American who got to spend her summer in Mexico to improve her Spanish as credit for school. 

This is a coming of age story of a girl out to prove to her mother that she can be responsible, trusted and independent. In Mexico, she gets to know herself better and found strength to stand up to her mother. Only after being almost drowned in a flood, the object of rivalry between two friends, being outcast by Mexican girls of her age and sexually harassed. All these experiences force her to cling on to her faith and discover things about herself.

The theme of this story is universal. It speaks of every teenager in the world who wants to be given the chance to live life according to her terms, not her parents'. A person who painstakingly tries so hard to be appreciated by her parents and given credit for being a good kid and student. To be commended for her achievements and be allowed to pursue her passion and creative side. To decide for herself. To let her be accountable for her decisions, whether they are right or wrong. To allow her to grow and prosper.

I am not a parent yet but when I will be one, I will make sure or try my best to allow my kids to be their own persons. To let them know themselves and not restrict them with too many prohibitions. Being too strict always tend to make the kids rebel and do the opposite of what the parents want instead. To my experience, when I am treated as an adult, the more I act like a responsible one. Kids should be taught the value of integrity instead of being told they are lacking. It should be positive reinforcement instead of shooting kids down. I guess, some parents forget that they have this great power to break their children. Some do not realize this until they have crippled the spirit and broken their children's hearts. I am speaking for myself, I think in my age, I know where my parents have done their best and where they should have done more for me. 

Most often, it would take an unforgettable experience for a person to come to a realization. Like Mila's mother, it took a trip to Mexico for her to realize that Mila is a good kid and trustworthy. That she is ready to go out in to the world and go after her future. 

I give this 3/5 tacos. I like how Mila was empowered to be the person she wants to be. To pursue her art and use it for a good purpose. To realize her mistakes and atone for them. To choose her friends wisely and not worry about fitting in or pleasing anyone. To be just herself. 

If you seek perfection, you will not allow yourself to experiment. You need to let go. Revel in the mess. It's where true beauty lies.
- Meg D. Gonzales, Sketchy Tacos - 

Thank you, Kathy of for the copy.

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