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Wrong Side of the Grave (Mothman Mysteries) by Bryna Butler | A Book Review

Wrong Side of the Grave by Bryna Butler  | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

Weirdly, this is the third story that has an unusual twist to the regular version of stories that I have read this week. The first one was the unusual heroine, next a taboo romance and this alien-vampire thing. I did not plan to read them one after the other but the review deadlines were a day apart, so it was all decided for me without having to think about them consciously.

Vampires are aliens. Eric Jansen is an alien too. He is the Mothman who feeds on the vampires. He keeps the vampire population in check so they will not overrun and wipe out humans. When he is not hunting vampires, he plays as a drummer in a band.

Huh? This is my first time to hear that vampires are aliens and all other mythical creatures are also aliens like the mothman. I have read of vampire stories with a Nordic mythology twist but never the alien version. This is a new story for me. I have never heard before that these night creatures are extra-terrestrials. I like this fresh new take. I like all new versions of anything, retellings and all.

The dead coming back to life is a scary thought. Yes, a lot of people will be interested in finding out how this phenomenon is possible. Surely, this would cause a lot of stir and chaos. People who have dead loved ones would definitely want to know if they could bring back their dearly departed back to the land of the living. It would be amazing and horrifying at the same time, as it is also against the natural order of things. I would prefer to be immortal than dying and coming back to life. I think there is something final about death and even if you come back from it, I think a part of you will never be the same. Let us leave the dead alone.

I enjoyed the plot and how things were done in this book. I like the Men in Black spin of the story, of the hunter becoming the hunted. Adding in the mothman to save the day and chase the vampires away. It's a good material for a movie. The sci-fi spin is so fresh and it made the story very interesting. 

I just thought the reason for all reawakening was very elementary and a bit cheesy. Well, a demented and delusional person could also set illusions of grandeur for himself. Who's to stop him? It was just so unexpected and quite a let-down to find out what his motives were for waking those resting in peace but I guess, it unbelievably worked. The ending was also surprising. Sad, in fact. But it also promises a next book which continues Eric and Bridget's adventures. The next story also introduces another alien who preys on the mothman like Eric. Hmmm, I wonder what type of creature this new predator that landed on Earth this time? This series is pregnant with characters of the alien food chain. Aliens eat aliens and the stage is the Earth. Sounds like this is fun. 

I give this 3.5/5 pairs of drumsticks. Again, the-not-the-usual take on the mythical and paranormal creatures woven into sci-fi is very unique. I guess, Twilight has ruined the-vampire-falls-in-love-with-a-human story for everyone. I am thrilled that a lot of very talented authors are creating their own vampire stories that are too far from Twilight. I am excited to discover another author who will make another tale about vampires with an altogether different flavor. I liked surprising people than the one to be surprised but if they are in stories and books, I am all for it. Come on surprise me!

He's the missing piece, the skip between the heartbeats. So, even though he's gone, he's still part of us forever.
- Bryna Butler, Wrong Side of the Grave - 

Thank you, Kathy of for the copy.

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