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Black Bullet (Order of the Senary #2) by L.D. Rose | A Book Review

Black Bullet (Order of the Senary #2) by L.D. Rose | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

This is the sequel to Releasing the Demons. And yes, I read this right after the first book. I enjoyed the first book so much that I could not wait to get on with the series. Again, thank you L.D. Rose for choosing me to review this series. It has been my pleasure and I hope you will still offer me to read the next books in this series.

The first book centered on Blaze, this one is on Jonathan Kerr. Jon was mentioned in the first book. He is the brother of Dr. Veronica Kerr who is working with the Knight brothers. Jon is a former Marine and FBI agent who got hurt badly in his last encounter with the vampires. He was thought to be dead but he survived, only he is no longer the same way he was before. He will never be the old Jon again.

Aside from Jon, other new characters were introduced in this story. One of them is Lawan. She is Asian and may be a Filipino, which was just a delight to me. I am always thrilled to find Filipino characters or places in the Philippines mentioned in books. It's nice to hear good things said about my country and it also swells my pride knowing that some people have nice things and experiences about the Philippines or its people. OK, enough of this national pride. Back to Lawan. Lawan and Jon have this push and pull kind of relationship. Lawan does not trust anyone and Jon is definitely not exempt from that. Will he be able to get Lawan to trust him and open up to him knowing these two share a few things in common in their difficult past?

Oh, I can't just leave out Oscar, the cat sidekick of Lawan. The cat feels as overprotective as Blaze of Valerie. Oscar is loyally-bound to defend Lawan against anyone. Even Jon is not safe from Oscar's claws if the cat feels that in anyway he's hurting Lawan. I am not a cat-person but I am fascinated with Oscar's big and loyal personality. Go Oscar!

A lot of revelations were in this story. Other characters were also given more exposure and thus enable the readers to be able to get to know these characters more. The history and how the Knight brothers came to be was revealed and how Lawan is connected to them. I think this story is far more emotionally charged and investing than the first book. A lot of introspection by the characters past is done here which just made the story more engaging. It balances the gory details and it made the characters more human and vulnerable even if they have been genetically altered. I felt Lawan and Jon's suffering and self-doubt. I was so glad that in the end, these two at least find solace in each other. 

I give this book 5/5 black bullets. Like bullets, there is no escaping the fact that you will be drawn and be deeply involved in this story. The characters have very interesting personalities that you can't help but wonder what his or her story is. I am looking forward to getting to know more the rest of the characters of this series. I am expecting that the next book will center on one of the Knight brothers and expound on his experiences and his demons. I wonder, who could that character be? Rome?

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting they won't. 
- Source Unknown -

Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about.
- L.D. Rose, Black Bullet -  

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