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Unwritten Melody by Tessa Emily Hall | A Book Review

Unwritten Melody by Tessa Emily Hall | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm!

I can't exactly  remember  how I came  upon  this book.  It might  have been through the  author contacting me via the contact us link on my blog or some other way. Anyway, the short of it, this review is  long overdue.  I  was  supposed  to  post this  about  3  months,  the longest, after  I got this but unfortunately that did not happen. I read this in May. So, here is this long overdue review. 

Unwritten Melody is a story about a teenage girl who grew up with her grandparents. Her grandmother is a principal. Can you imagine how that life is? Cassie felt like she had a lot of restrictions and rules to follow. She felt like she can't be just like any other teenager- carefree. She has to be always mindful of her actions and their consequences and it doesn't help that she has to be always reminded to be not like her rebellious mom. Then, a new student transferred to their school who challenged Cassie's current situation. Will Cassie eventually turn out to be like her mom? Does the apple really not fall far from the tree?

One of the best things about this book is the close relationship between Cassie and her grandpa. It was a relationship to be envied especially for people like me who did not grow up with grandparents around. My mother's parents died when I was really young about 2 years old. I don't have any tangible memory of them. Though, my mother told me stories of how my grandmother would give me her share of the food. My father's mom died when he was young and he himself could barely remember her. I met my grandfather (father's father) when I was in grade school when he would visit us from the province. He would visit once every five years, usually because he has concerns and he wanted my father and his other sons' to help him. God rest his soul. 

Cassie's grandpa was the best granddad ever. He was the epitome of what every grandkid wants in a grandpa. He was Cassie's ally, yet he never loses his objectivity in every situation. He made Cassie see situations in a different perspective and at the same time, he made Cassie understand her grandma's motivation or reason behind every precaution and restriction. He was the peace and the string that held Cassie and her grandma's precarious relationship. Her grandpa was the constant in all the changes and challenges that she is going through. It was really heartbreaking when something happened to his granddad. It broke my heart too.

Like Cassie, we all at some point in our life, met someone who will sort of act as a catalyst or a force that will drive us to do what we have longed to do. This person, in some way, will give us the courage we need in order to do something extraordinary. Someone like James, who will push out of our comfort zones and explore the unknown. To be reckless and carefree, even for just a moment. To be daring because we know that this person got my back and he will pick me up when I fall. Yes, I did have a James in my life too. Once upon a time.

This story explores the relationship between grandparents and grandkids. For those who were lucky enough to have their grandparents around will definitely relate to this story. Especially those who have absent parents and grew up in the care of grandparents. For those like Cassie who did not have their parents around and who thought that they would have been better off if their parents were alive, this story is for you. You may not understand the rules set by your grandparents, but know that there is a reason behind those rules. They meant well. And like Cassie's grandma, she only wanted what's best for Cassie. She just did not realize that she was going a little overboard. Her fears made her overprotective of Cassie that she somehow forgot that Cassie has to make decisions on her own and learn from her mistakes to grow.

I give this 4/5 music sheets. This is a very touching story which explores the reality of the relationship between a grandkid and grandparents with literally music in the background. It also explores the feeling of being caught between following your dream and trying not disappoint the people who mean the world to you. Why can't it be both? Why give up one or hurt the other? This story presents a very realistic dilemma that is being experienced by anyone, not just teens. Why the do's and the don'ts. Why can't I just follow my heart and you can be happy for me? This is probably the most asked question in every household. And like in the story, there are reasons. You just have to be open to hear them out. And grandparents should not underestimate the strength and capability of the youth today to understand. Some of are actually wiser for their age. Sometimes, there is wisdom in youth, especially if they are allowed to make their own choices and learn from them.

Thank you again, Tessa Emily Hall for the review copy. This was an emotional story yet full of lessons and truths. I am looking forward to read more of your stories. Hopefully there are more of this. 

This made me think of my own grandparents and how I wished I had a chance to bond with them. I can barely even remember their faces except in the picture. For my father's mom, we never have any picture of her. My father's father left us with not a lot of memories. He was not really the ideal father so we did not expect too much from him but at least we know that my father forgave him for whatever he did and cared for him when he needed his son.

Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly 
- James Langston Hughes -

I have two options: remain in this shell that's kept me safe from the life I could have and stay intimidated of anyone and anything that tries to break through, or I can try and force my way out.
- Tessa Emily Hall, Unwritten Melody -  

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