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Autumn's Dance (The Season Named Series #1) by Sarah Gai | A Book Review

Autumn's Dance by Sarah Gai | A Book Review iamnotabookworm

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! In the Philippines, everybody celebrates Valentine's Day. It is not just a day for lovers but also for families, friends and for every person who has a loved one. It is a time to express our love and the value we give to each of the people close to our hearts. We give out cards, flowers, chocolates and food to remind those special to us that they are important and loved. It is our way of thanking them for the care, kindness, and support they have provided. 

Let us all remember that you should foster and give love not only on Christmas, Valentine's but every single day of our lives.

Autumn’s Dance 
by Sarah Gai 
Publication date: February 14th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

“A story that captures your heart and continues you thinking about it long after you fall asleep.”

Autumn Nash lives a nomadic existence with her harvest-travelling father, except every summer when they return to one place like clockwork…Ligonier, PA. But this season, Autumn meets a young man who changes her world and makes her long for more.

Eric Foster has been sent to stay the summer in Ligonier with his grandfather in hopes of altering his path as his life spirals downward. His direction changes the moment he sees Autumn; he knows his very reason for breathing is solely to be with her.

When Autumn is ripped away from Ligonier, she leaves Eric confused and devastated that their time is over. Both teens struggle through the years gone by without the other. Will Autumn ever see the boy who changed her life again? Will Eric wait for her? Will Autumn ever make it back to Ligonier? And what will happen when buried secrets surface?

Discover a love that takes you back to what it’s all about—the confusing, yet simplistic, beginnings of falling in love and watch it evolve into something that takes your breath away.

Autumn's Dance is a tragic story of a very unfortunate girl. Autumn. She has no permanent home. She never went to school. She and her father are nomads. They travel to wherever there is work, usually picking fruits. So, depending on the weather, they would drive to the area where fruit harvests are in season to get jobs. But every summer, they always go back to Ligonier, Pennsylvania, which to Autumn is the closest she could ever get to calling home. Probably, the only constant in her nomadic life.

I think Autumn's story is so not far-fetched from real life. The nomadic lifestyle may not be that common anymore but the life of domestic abuse and parental neglect is obviously a staple occurrence. I just hate her drunk and deadbeat of a father. He has no soul. He used and abused Autumn. Physically, mentally, financially and emotionally. Even in his last breath, he thought of nothing else but himself. I really hope he burns in hell. 

I really love stories about strong women. As they all say, adversity builds character if it doesn't kill you. I think Autumn has had more than enough of that to last up to her next life. Autumn is one very strong girl who has survived all the trials and tribulations life has thrown at her. Looking forward to each summer in Ligonier has been her only spark of hope in her mostly dark world. It was the only place where she has friends who treat her like family. The only place she felt loved.

This is another story of love conquering all. Familial love, romantic love, and love between friends. The love and support of Autumn's friends have given her the strength and the courage to stay alive.  Her strength of character and her disposition are also so admirable. I think she is sort of a martyr. She loves her father, even after all the hurt and pain he has caused her. I guess, the love for a parent, even if the parent does not deserve it, is just that. Her only fervent wish that one day her father will finally realize her value. I am so glad and relieved, that finally, Autumn realized that too much is enough. Her father will never change no matter how much she wishes and prays for it. She doesn't deserve all the pain and tragedy in her life. It is time that she saves herself.

This is a very sad story that will wring your heart out. If this were a true story, it would be so unfortunate and my heart out goes out to that kid who has to go through this kind of life. Yes, this may have the makings of a soap opera only because what happened to Autumn is just too tragic to even imagine. I hope no one has ever had to go through this torture in real life.

I give the book 4/5 plates of delicious pancakes. I love that this story has a happy ending. I would hate it if didn't because Autumn really deserved to have a happy life after everything she has been through. I think the universe owe it to her to make amends after a very difficult and cruel life. 

The problem with angry people is once the anger is gone, they just want to believe they are forgiven.
- Autumn's Dance, Sarah Gai - 

Thank you again, Sarah Gai and Xpressobooktours for the review copy.