Friday, February 3, 2017

Rune Hunter (Rune Series #3) by Amelia Wilson | ARC | A Book Review

Rune Hunter (Runes #3) by Amelia Wilson | ARC | A Book Review

This is the third book in the Runes series. I have read the two previous books and have enjoyed the story. I just can't let it pass to not read the next installment in the series.

Rune Hunter continues the adventures of Nika Graves and Erik Thorvald. This time, more enemies are coming forward bent on destroying both of them. Betrayal seems to be the theme song of these two love birds. A song that keeps playing on a loop.

New creatures and characters were introduced in this book. A dark and savage history of Erik also came to light. People from Erik's past are getting out of the shadows to seek revenge on Erik. A vendetta that is years in the making. Nika will also discover new powers and strength that she didn't know she had. A new ability will come in very handy in aiding in their quest to stop the on set of a war that will destroy the humans and all the Draugr.

I think this book is just so-so. There were some good scenes and good revelations but all in all, it was not as absorbing as the first two books. I think the part where Erik and Nika met with the First Draugr was too easy. I expected the scene to be chaotic and the rest of the Draugr would put up a very hard fight. I think it was a bit anti-climatic for the scene to just turn out so peachy.

I give the book 3/5 stars. Yes, I appreciate that it still ended well for our two heroes and the war was quelled before it hurt a lot of people. But still, I wished that this book had packed more ammunition and bang. I wished I was stunned but was not. Maybe, in the next book, if there is one since it hinted that it was not all over yet. I hope the next book will be so surprising and unexpected that I will fall off my seat.

Such a slippery slope. You fall and never realize it until you're at the bottom of the hill.
- Amelia Wilson, Rune Hunter - 

Thank you again, Amelia Wilson for the ARC.