Friday, February 10, 2017

Thief of Lies (Library Jumbers #1) by Brenda Drake | A Book Review

Thief of Lies (Library Jumbers #1) by Brenda Drake | A Book Review

This book just reminded me how awesome it is to hang out in libraries. I remember I just made my bookworm bucket list last month. Most of the items there were to visit famous and beautiful libraries around the world. And this book just made that bucket list right on the dot.

If I could have a superpower or any powers at all it would be a book jumper. I want it for two things. One is to just open a book and jump right into the place and era that was in the book. It would be like a no-expense-paid-time-travel. I have gotten this idea from Fleur Camacho's The Last Seeker. The other one is to jump from one library to another through a book gateway which was what this book is about. Isn't that power amazing or is it amazing?

Yes, this story is about a group of people who have magical powers and can jump from one library to another. This group includes wizards, mythical creatures, faeries, witches, and magical knights called sentinels. The main character in this story, Gia, is a lost sentinel. She accidentally finds out about her true heritage by reading an Italian praise and got transported into another library through a book. 

The libraries in this book are not at all that quiet because these are where the fights and all the interesting happenings are. And how great it would be to meet a cute guy right in the library? I would want that to happen to me, too. Well, lucky for Gia, that was how she met Arik. I want her and Arik together. I was disappointed and I felt bad when someone got in between these two. 

It felt like I have been to these famous libraries mentioned in this book. It just strengthened my desire to visit them. Someday. It would be awesome if in real life I could just jump from one library to the next. No need for passports, visas and plane tickets. No need for accommodations too since I could just go back home within the day or sleep in the library. It's just like going to the library, only it's not the nearest library in the area but a library somewhere in the world. Bad ass, right?

I love that the story is set in Boston. I have been to Boston and it's full of history. I remember we took the Boston Freedom Trail walk and visited famous historical sites. I have been to the Granary Burying Ground, a cemetery mentioned in this book. The one that was right next to the library. I may have passed the Boston Athenaeum when we were there. I know the Boston Commons and the Quincy Market. I was reliving my Boston experience while reading this book. I had rained also when I was there and I had to trudge thru the pouring rain with only my hooded jacket as protection.

I think open sesame is out. The new magic word is aprire la portaI think this book just confirmed that those who love to read are kick ass. I am pretty sure, the author also wished she could be a library jumper.

I give the book 5/5 open books ready for the next jump. I had a great time jumping from the library in Boston to England, to France, and in Russia. How I wish it could also be in real life. I can't wait to continue this adventure in the next book. If library jumping were a real job, I would want to be a professional and an expert in it. Thank you, Brenda Drake, for this amazing book. You just wrote the story which every bookworm would want to be the hero.

Have your noticed the girl in the cover looks like Aria (Lucy Hale) in Pretty Little Liars? 

... you can love many people.. Love isn't jealous.
- Brenda Drake, Thief of Lies - 

Thank you, MaryAnn of Chapter by Chapter and Netgalley for the review copy.