Thursday, February 16, 2017

Look to the Stars (The Orien Trilogy #1) by Catherine Wilson | A Book Review

Look to the Stars by Catherine Wilson | A Book Review iamnotabookworm

Look to the Stars. Looking at the title may make you think that this is just another love story but it is not. It may not seem like it but this was woven with magic. If you read the blurb, it is also unclear what genre the book is. It only hinted of kingdoms and of secrets. Well, maybe a fantasy? But when you start reading, the first two or three chapters do not even declare what is in store for the readers. Only if you stick it out and read on will you realize that magic and mysterious creatures are part of the story. And far more interesting secrets and mysteries are to be revealed which were much to my delight. Finally, I am assured that I am in for a wondrous surprise. No, my time was not wasted.

As I said, I didn't think this was a paranormal story with a mix of a fairy tale where a lost princess will save the kingdom from a tyrant and evil king. Yes, the title does not imply that. To me, the title hinted of a contemporary romance, not cursed beings and people waiting for a savior or a hero in a form of an eighteen-year-old girl who is none-the-wiser.

I was so relieved when finally, I came upon the chapter where more light was shed into the story. I did not in any way feel bad that the story started out as a little bit of a puzzle for me since I can't readily identify what the genre or figure out the plot. I certainly enjoyed the unpredictability the way the story unfolds. It was what I really loved about it. It's not often that I get thrown by a book because I can't divine it outright. The mystery was killing me but it also made me more curious and got sucked deeper into it.

Penelope Brave or Bravest. I just love that nickname. Yes, it sounds like an endearment because it is. I think if I would be called with such name, it would give me enough strength to be truthfully what the word means. We could all use more than enough bravery to fight all life's battles. And the nickname would sound a lot sweeter if it came from the lips of the one person you want to call you with it.

Bravest is a very feisty, stubborn and a lovable character. I think we all can see a part of ourselves in her. She's one who fights for the people she loves, especially her father. She will do anything, even sacrifice her safety just to get her father back home. There is just one flaw that I found in her character, she does not like to read. 

Capt. Aras Renn of Orien is one very loyal and devoted person. And like Bravest, I too was a bit irritated by his hiding so many secrets. He is not easy to figure out. Though it is so easy for him to annoy Bravest. His retorts were funny and were always right on the dot. 

I think Bravest and Aras make a very good pair. Their banter was always a delight. I give the book 4/5 journals. I liked how I could not easily figure out what this book was about. I love how the author paced the revelation of the secrets, one after the other without the reader anticipating them. They just come out of nowhere. I never saw them coming. I really liked that this book surprised me more than I could count. I just thought that the story ended way too soon but it can also be expected since this is a series. I also appreciated that it ended with a lot of opportunity for speculation. It promises the readers that the surprises are not yet over and you will never know what will come next.

This is a very good book first book. Congratulations Catherine Wilson!

I could look upon every star in the sky, but they'd all just lead me back to you.
- Catherine Wilson, Look to the Stars - 

Thank you again, Kathy, of for the copy.