Monday, February 20, 2017

The Bitter Taste of Betrayal (Angel Lake Mystery) by CeeCee James | A Book Review

The Bitter Taste of Betrayal (Angel Lake Mystery) by CeeCee James | A Book Review

I got this book from the author. I stumbled onto the AXP website from one of the newsletters I signed up for. AXP stands for Authors Cross Promotion where you read and review a book of your choice. I got this book two months back and was only able to read and review it now. Yes, I actually have a lot of books lined up in my TBR. I had to prioritize those I signed up for with blog tours but I will definitely make sure to read all those that I promised to review. I will eventually get to them within this year. Promise!

This story took place on a luxurious cruise ship. The main character, Elise Pepper, just had her divorce finalized and her best friend Lavina dragged her to relax on this cruise. What was supposed to be a relaxing and invigorating vacation turned into something else--very far from relaxing at all.

The characters in this story are very interesting to the point of being eccentric. Lavina, Elise's best friend has a boyfriend way older than her that she has not introduced to Elise. This guy also had very good connections. The sisters, the housekeeping maid and the cruise ship crew were all quaint personalities also. Lavina has an ability to befriend these people and appeal to them like a long-lost relative. All these characters make for a very enjoyable read. Not to mention, suspicious characters that you can't help but doubt their motives and thoughts. And to top it all, a flamingo in the center of it all.

Elise has the makings of a natural detective. The story hinted of how this skill of hers started. I think she should pursue this skill and make it into a lucrative source income now that she is no longer married to her hot-shot lawyer husband. Her instincts and good observation skills saved and bailed out a lot of helpless characters in this story who got thrown into this terrible, selfish and deadly mess. Yes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I give the book 4/5 expensive necklaces in the world. This book made me curious as to what happened to Elise before this book. And I am also curious to know who Mr. G is.

My motto is to always expect the surprises. It's what makes life an adventure. 
- CeeCee James, The Bitter Taste of Betrayal - 

Thank you AXP and CeeCee James for the copy.