Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Gizelle's Bucket List: My Life With a Very Large Dog by Lauren Fern Watt | A Book Review

Gizelle's Bucket List: My Life With a Very Large Dog by Lauren Fern Watt | A Book Review

This is one heart-wrenching story between a girl and a very large dog. My eyes were gushing out with tears like a faucet. I have had the same experience as Lauren so I can relate very much to the story. I also lost a very good dog, though the circumstances were a lot different with what happened in this story. I was much younger than Lauren when it happened. I was in Grade School. Daisy was a mix between a Labrador and AsPin (Asong Pinoy, native breed of Filipino dogs). She did not die of a disease but all the same, all deaths, no matter what the cause, are all heartbreaking. There is no way to downplay the hurt and loss and the longing and emptiness that came after.

I think I signed up to review this book because of the dog on the cover. I am a dog-person. I always preferred dogs over cats or any other animals. Dogs are just smart, sympathetic, loyal and instinctive beings. They can smell your mood even a mile away and will be there just as you need them to be. When you are sad or had a bad day, they will cheer you up. If you are happy, they will share in your happiness and multiply it. They love unconditionally.

This story reminds me of my one and only dog. We never got any other dog after Daisy died because my mom would not want us to go through the same pain of loss again. Even more so when that loss was due to selfish people who have no care for other forms of life, especially animals. Daisy was killed by our neighbors because they wanted to eat meat. Asusena is the Filipino term for dog meat. Daisy had a golden orange fur and was big and healthy. Our jobless neighbors had been just biding their time to get a hold of her. Animal rights protection was not yet popular in the late 80's and 90's.  In as much as I remember the gory details of Daisy's death, I can also still vividly recall the happy and glorious times we had together. I think I was able to survive being bullied in Grade School because when I get home, she was there waiting for me bounding and full of energy. She would kiss all my cares and tears away. She made me forget whatever happened to me at school when I get home.

I always believed that the personality of the owners often manifests on their pets. Vicious pets are likely to have been maltreated or neglected by their owners while good ones are well-cared for and loved. So for me, a good dog always equals a good dog parent, because if you are a pet owner who cares and values your pet, you will make sure that it is clean, disciplined and tame.

The best and the most hilarious part of the story was the one where Gizelle was dragging the soccer goal with her. It was so funny. I was laughing out loud. I can still picture it in my head.

I bow to Lauren for being the best dog mom ever. She has done great for Gizelle. And if good dogs go to heaven, I am sure that Gizelle has put in a lot of good words for Lauren. I think she has done all that she can for Gizelle on this world and has made her as comfortable and happy as she can be. If all pet owners are like Gizelle, then there would be no need for the city pound or animal control. All pets would be happy and well-cared for.

I give this book 5/5 pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. This is a very inspiring story of giving back the unconditional love and unfading devotion our pets have given us. In spite, of what happened to Daisy, I still want to have a dog. One of these days, when my financial conditions are a lot better, I will adopt a dog from the pound. 

If you are a pet lover or not, you should read this book. There is a lot to learn from the relationship between Lauren and Gizelle.

I guess, when you bring a dog into your life, you are setting yourself up for a heartbreak, aren't you?
- Lauren Fern Watt, Gizelle's Bucket List - 

Thank you again, Lauren Fern Watt and Netgalley for the review copy.