Friday, February 3, 2017

The Sister Pact by Stacie Ramey | A Book Review

The Sister Pact by Stacie Ramey | A Book Review

It's been a week since my last post. I have read quite a few books since but haven't been able to post any reviews. I have been feeling kind of down lately. And to top it all, my phone had gone bonkers. The LCD is not working and the service center can't repair it since it will be phased out. So, I will be DIY-ing it. I had to order the tiny screw drivers online so I could open the phone. Yes, I fancy myself a technical support girl. I actually worked as a TSR for an internet service company for almost two years. I help customers setup and troubleshoot their internet connections -DSL, WIFI and there was even dial-up. I'm crossing my fingers that I could get my phone to work again with the help of videos from YouTube.

Sister Pact is the third book that had me crying straight in a row. I had no idea I would have puffy eyes for three straight days. It was a very cleansing exercise. It's been a while since I cried really hard. The first of these books that had my tear ducts on overdrive was of course, Love and Gravity and the second was a story about a dog's bucket list which I still need to post a review. The book was like Marley and me. I bet, you cried while watching that movie too. Hatchiko was the most heartbreaking movie with a dog, for me.

I got this book as a prize from the author's giveaway. Thank you so much, Stacie Ramey for this very amazing book. This is one of the most touching reads ever. I think my blanket was wet with tears and snot because of this book. This had me weeping because of the deep and raw emotions it portrayed --love, disbelief, guilt, pain and heartache. I think this is similar to Colleen Hoover's Losing Hope but I think this book is more painstakingly heartbreaking. Probably, because the voice of the story is coming from a sister. The special relationship between sisters. The pact between sisters. 

I also have an elder sister and I can easily step into the shoes of Allie, the baby sister. I also admire and look up to her. When I was younger, I used to want to go with her when she went out with her friends. I always wanted to tag along but was not always possible. I can't remember ever fighting with my sister when we were younger. It seemed like we always got along or maybe she was just so patient with me or I was just being a very obedient little sister. I think she was probably the first person who treated me like a real adult growing up. I think she was the one who taught me to be responsible. And now that we are grown up, guess what? Almost all of her friends are my friends too. Yes, I am now an automatic plus one in her meet up and dinners with friends, even though she is now married and have two kids. 

So, it's not rocket science to feel so drawn and involved in this story. Having a sister for a best friend is the greatest ever. I for one, would do anything for my sister. I have once given up a job in Manila to move back to Cebu so I can support her and I would do this a thousand times over just to be there for her. And I think that was what this story was saying. A sister would do everything for another. That is just how sisters love each other. Allie wished she was able to do something for Leah. The excruciating pain, tormenting guilt and being blind-sided was too much. There were a lot of what-ifs, if-onlys, and should-have- beens that Allie wished she could have done for Leah. She wished she could have eased whatever Leah was suffering and fought with her whatever it was that she was battling with. It felt like a part of her had gone with Leah when she left. Like she was sawed in half and the half that was left was no longer useful or functional. 

I also know how it feels like to be Leah. How it felt like to be smothered in darkness and feeling like it's never letting up. To be powerless and weak. To be consumed by desperation and the only way out is to think of ways how to put an end to the torment and say goodbye to the suffering. To wake up to mornings yet still felt like the night was never over.

I give the book 5/5 lip balm. You should read this book. It reminds me how fortunate it is to have a sister and thank God we are close. If we weren't, I think I will try to get us closer after reading this. Yes, we have friends who are like sisters but it still couldn't compare to having a sister for a best friend. The affinity by blood, ensures that no matter how bad things will go, someone will always have your back. And even if they have given up on you, they still can't just leave you because you are family. Family is everything. When everyone else leaves, your family will have to stay whether they like it or not. It's not a choice. There was never a choice. Love bonds them to you and you to them. That's how it should be, ideally.

This one feels as if it's about pain. A driving rain kind of pain. Relentless. Unyielding.

She said sometimes that the darkness is so heavy, she couldn't see a way out of it. 
- Stacie Ramey, The Sister Pact -