Friday, March 24, 2017

Love's Shadow (Brothers Maledetti #2) by Nichole Van | A Book Review

Love's Shadow by Nichole Van | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

This is one of those reviews that were due last week. Finally, I am able to slowly catch up with my overdue reviews. It was sad to not be able to do my book reviews and post on Instagram. I hope I won't get the flu ever and the laptop would not go crazy again. Well, it's still with the technician so it's still to be determined. I am using the other laptop which is painstakingly slow compared to the other one. Better than no computer at all.

Love's Shadow is a very good surprise. I am so in love with the very unique story and the D' Angelo brothers. I was so caught up in the twist, the history and the landscape. Who would not fall in love with the picturesque Italy? Its name alone makes me want for mouth-watering gelato, hand-made pasta and authentic Italian pizza. 

This book felt like a cross between a Steve Berry and a Clive Cussler. Yes, two of my favorite mystery and historical fiction writers. This story just had the complete ingredients of what I so love. History, archaeology, old legends, magic, powers and a love story that promises an unhappy ending. All these elements thrown in, mix well then stir and you will surely end up engrossed and unable to let go until the end. And the best thing? I just realized that this story is part of a series so I could have a few more helpings of this delightful and talented author. This is my first of Nichole Van and I am so impressed. You know what this means? I will be hunting for her other stories because I just can't get over the pleasure of having found this story and this amazing author.

Are you the type of reader who likes to guess what the story is just by looking at the title? I am one. It's not an exact science. Often I feel disappointed to not figure out why the story is entitled as such after reading it. And what an exhilaration it is to be able to grasp and understand why the title fits the story. For this story, I had no idea why it's called Love's Shadow. I don't have any theories. But after reading it, I totally get why the author called this one as it is and I totally agree with it. I book no arguments or any comments. I think the title is very curious. Just as curious as the story is.

This is without a doubt one of the best stories I have read this 2017. Stories like these are what I would die for. The marriage of the past and current events in this story was perfect. How the past events were connected to the present time in this story was seamlessly done. I just loved it. 

No questions asked, I give this book 5/5 pairs of leather gloves. This is just perfect for me. It fits like a glove. Nice to meet you Nichole Van. Looking forward to the next stories in the series.

Why did it have to be this man? Of all the men on Planet Earth? Literally, the one person who would be utterly off limits? Figured I would fall prey to some demented god who got off on cruel ironies.
- Nichole Van, Love's Shadow -  

Thank you again, Kathy of for the copy. 

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