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God of the Sun (Stella and Sol #1) by Kimberly Loth | ARC | A Book Review

God of the Sun (Stella and Sol #1) by Kimberly Loth | ARC | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

I am subscribed to Kimberly Loth's newsletter, so every time she has a new book I get an ARC. Thank you so much, Kimberly Loth for this story.

I first knew Loth from her The Dragon Kings series. After signing for her newsletter, I got an ARC of Skye (The Dragon Kings #4) and really enjoyed the story. I have also read the fifth and the last book in the same series which is The Kings. Though I have not gotten to read the first three books in the said series, I was looking forward to more stories from the same author. Her stories are just so unique and engaging. The characters are so relatable and often represent real people in everyday lives. It is so easy to step into the shoes of her characters. This new series - God of the Sun is exactly the same. Those elements are still present but the story is very different. 

This book took me to a different world. A world that only exists in the imagination. A world where the sun always shines throughout the day until midnight. Once the clock strikes 12, darkness sets in. A place where there is a voice in your head that keeps reminding you of what you should do and sometimes stops you from doing bad things or injuring other people. Sounds like the conscience, in this story they call it The Voice (not the popular search for singing talents). Appears like an ideal place to live, right? But after midnight, The Voice shuts down and you are left on your own. Safety is not guaranteed if you are caught outside of locked doors. There's no telling what the citizens of Sol will do.

Zwaantie, the heir to the thrown in Sol is not the typical princess. I like that the last thing she wants is to be a princess. She wants to be just normal. Not to be pressured to marry and rule their kingdom. She's not ready to marry yet and to be responsible for the lives of her people. She is smart and often does not follow what The Voice says. She often argues with The Voice. I can imagine her like Merida in the movie Brave. The strong-willed and hard-headed princess.

This story is about youth, of responsibilities, of going against the grain, of not conforming to people's expectations, of doing things out of love and to save the kingdom. A lot of people can relate to Zwaantie's character. Most of us don't want to be bound by family's expectations and of the society, of only wanting to march to our own drum. On the other hand, there's Prince Leo, from Stella. A place where there's only the moon, the twinkling stars and the night. A culture exactly opposite from Sol. A strange person and place that promises things  and possibilities that Zwaantie wants dearly in life.

I was so taken by the story. I felt a kindred spirit in Zwaantie at the same time, I also felt a connection to Prince Leo. These two new characters are admirable in their own rights. They each have their own qualities that make them protagonists that you will surely root for to find what they seek and to succeed in all their endeavors. The setting alone, already had me reeled in. There is no mistaking that exciting things are about to happen. I am looking forward to the next book already. 

I give the book 4/5 suns. My only concern was it took a while for Prince Leo and Zwaantie to meet. I was dying of anticipation and excitement of when these two would finally come face to face. Almost the whole  time, the story was about Sol, Zwaantie and their kingdom. I started to wonder when will Prince Leo and the rest of Stella make an appearance. I give it to Loth to exactly know how to make her readers fall into the story helplessly. How she lured me and drew me in. How she showed a snippet of wonderful things to come and then appear like to have forgotten about that promise. Then, when you are sure to die of the waiting and anticipation, there it was. But wait, there's more. Just when things get  so exciting and dangerous, she holds off. Ugh, deadly cliffhangers that will test your strength and patience. Slowly wilting and losing sleep waiting for the next book. I hope I don't die from the exhaustion of the prolonged anticipation before the next book comes out.

I will never get tired of reading Kimberly Loth's books. I think one or two more books and she will be added to my favorite authors' list. 

Since when did honor trump everything including her own happiness?
- Kimberly Loth, God of the Sun -

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