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Searching for Gatsby (Ronnie Lake Mystery #3) by Niki Danforth | A Book Review

Searching for Gatsby (Ronnie Lake Mystery #3) by Niki Danforth | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

This is my second time to read a Niki Danforth novel. The first time, I had a slight concern because the copy I got seemed to have been a condensed one. Fortunately, this time, this one is a full-length version. I was sent an email asking if I wanted to review this one since I seemed to have enjoyed the second book. Good thing I agreed because this was a really entertaining story.

This is the third book in the series. I had not read the first book but each story is different from each one. This third installment is about mysterious first book editions. The hero in this story, Ronnie Lake is a novice PI. She is like my favorite sleuth Mrs. Pollifax. The circumstances that pushed them to pursue a career in crime detecting or solving mysteries has something to do with the new chapters in their lives. Ronnie, just gotten divorced and is still dealing with the loss of his son, who was a soldier sent to Afghanistan. Mrs. Pollifax and Ronnie Lake, both wanted to do something they have not done before and they are both past their prime. Ronnie is in her fifties. If you are curious about who Mrs. Pollifax is, then you can refer to the following posts. Believe me, she is one amazing woman. You will definitely be addicted to her adventures.

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Back to Searching for Gatsby. The title may not be obvious but it actually says a lot about what the story is about. It is literally searching for Gatsby. A first edition of The Great Gatsby. A unique edition issued to soldiers during the war.

I think of the two books I have read, this is the more engrossing and exciting one. This involved a lot of suspicious characters and will have you reeling who really is the culprit. Who is guilty? This story will have you theorizing and formulating your own hypothesis and come up with possible suspects. You will be so involved in this story that when the bad guy is caught you will also feel relieved. 

I give this book 4/5 old covers of The Great Gatsby. I am looking forward to the next assignments of Ronnie Lake. I actually like that the titles of the two stories. They are really catchy. The both pertain to very popular things. I hope the next book would also sport a very intriguing title. well do you know anyone? You can think you do, and still, sometimes the nicest people turn out to be sociopaths.
- Niki Danforth, Searching for Gatsby - 

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