Friday, March 31, 2017

The Mask of Minos: Bruno's Inferno by Robert Walton | A Book Review

The Mask of Minos by Robert Watton | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

When searching for books to review, especially if presented with a lot of titles to choose from, I usually look at titles that demand attention. Titles that come out strong and shout "read me". Of course, the type of genre I love to read would also come into play. For me, since I love mythology, thriller and women's literature, titles that jump out to me are those that have words related to the three things I mentioned. I am also interested in titles that hinted of a scandal, a conspiracy or anything mysterious. I decided to review this book because of the word Minos. Minos is a character in Greek mythology. So, after reading the blurb and liking it, I signed up for this one. I also have a penchant for reading books that are not widely read by everyone. I also love to meet obscure, not mainstream authors.

Mask of Minos is an archaeology thriller. If you love James Rollins, you will love Robert Walton also. This is about the search for an elusive mythical object that has left a trail of dead bodies. A secret society that is bound to protect its identity and aims to rule the world. The main protagonists of this story are Harry Thursday and Sara Webster. Thursday is an archaeologist who is recuperating from his previous adventure in Fatal Snow (which I have not read yet). Sara is a special agent from BAR. BAR is a special branch of the CIA which recovers stolen artifacts and treasures from the WWII. Theses two traveled from South America to Europe in search of the mask which was fabled to give an immense power to the wearer. It would be a major catastrophe if the mask falls into the wrong hands.

I think Thursday is the only protagonist in all the archaeology thrillers that I have read that I do not love. I am not sure if I like him, yet. The book hinted of his involvement in shady characters in his previous transactions. I like my heroes with integrity and stubborn will. I like those who have strong convictions and can never be swayed by anything. In the whole story, I don't think he has proven himself to be trustworthy. Or I could be prematurely judging him on this one book. But I also think that this book gave me enough information as to his personality. I guess, we'll see if he changes my mind in his next adventures.

Sara, the female protagonist is obviously so taken by Mr. Thursday. Maybe, she can give me a further insight into Mr. Thursday's personality in the next books. I still can't decide if the partnership of these two is rock-solid. I am still not able to make up my mind if these two make a very formidable duo. Their knowledge, experiences and skills relating to ancient artifacts are very impressive, I admit. I would like to hope that these two will have more adventures to share together. Hopefully, they will grow on me.

What I really liked about the story was the historical background of the artifact and about the monks. At the onset of the story, dead bodies have been dropping to keep secrets hidden. The legend of Count Bruno, a Bavarian Knight of the Templar, was also very interesting. I think the story of Count Bruno being a Templar Knight is the best part of the story. Yes, I am a sucker for anything that has to do about the Knights Templar and the mystery surrounding Christianity, Jesus Christ and other religions. In short, I like books that tackle controversial issues and taboo topics. Adding in the Hyperboreans into the mix has made it more appealing. I just hope that in the next books, the Hyperboreans will be given a face and their secret society will be aired out in the open. They really got me curious.

I give the book 3.5/5 scary masks. This book brought me to Costa Rica, Paris and to Switzerland. I was shown the inner sanctum of the vault where safety deposit boxes of the famous Swiss bank lie. This was a good thriller ride but I think the whole story did not flow seamlessly. I felt like there were a few things that were a little fuzzy. Maybe it was me not really comprehending it or I was distracted while I was reading. On the whole, it just appeared to me that there were a chunk or two that were missing or I might have missed. Or it could be just my imagination. Anyway, the ending also was good but I wished something more interesting happened to the mask. I think after all the near-death experiences Sara and Harry went through, I deemed it just appropriate that they have to at least bring home the bacon. That is just my opinion. Well, the story does not end here. This has now made me curious as to what happens next.

But reality is not truth, there is a difference between the two. What we perceive to be truth isn't always reality.
- Robert Walton, The Mask of Minos -  

Thanks again, Netgalley for the copy.