Monday, March 6, 2017

Sugar and Other Luxuries by Everly Scott | A Book Review

Sugar and Other Luxuries by Everly Scott | A Book Review by iamnotabookworm

This book is one of those few stories where the lead female character is not confident, does not feel beautiful and has low self-esteem. Not the usual, confident and beautiful leading ladies in most novels. Katherine is curvy and doesn't have abs to die for. She loves to eat, especially scrumptious and velvety soft pastry.

Katherine represents most women who are insecure about their curvy body. In this age where body shaming is as easy as batting an eyelash, weight is still the biggest and most prevalent issue among women. But along with this, a lot of awareness also is spreading that every woman should be confident in her own skin regardless of the numbers on the weighing scale. There are now plus size models. 36-24-36 is no longer that popular. Beauty is relative. There is no exact form or gauge to measure beauty. Physical appearances are deceiving and no matter how advanced society will become, your values and convictions are still all that matters. 

This story is the journey of Katherine of learning to love her body. She believes that of the 7 billion in the world, she's sure that there is at least one man out there who doesn't mind her love handles. This is the same dream everyone woman wants. This is like a modern fairy tale and her fairy godmother is in the form of Hunter, a married woman who has an unusual view of her marriage. 

One thing I noticed in the story is Kath's frenemy. I don't understand why she keeps this kind of friend through the years when all she gets from her are insults and making her feel ugly. I think, she should have dropped her a long time ago. She doesn't need someone who makes her feel bad or gives her negative vibes. I think it took her a while to realize that she doesn't need  a best friend who is always happy to point out her flaws. I think she had let her frenemy walk over her far too long. I always believe that we should remove negative people in our lives. They are not good for our mental health and for the soul.

I give this book 3.5/5 delicious macaroons. Reading this book made my mouth water because of the delightful pastries. I am a pastry-lover also. I am a frustrated pastry chef. My dream is to open my own customized cake shop. Yes, like Buddy Velastro. I still need to do a lot of practice baking.

Scars. Wounds. Stretch marks. Scabs. Rips, tears, and rashes - all physical manifestations of a mistake. Proof that something went wrong. Proof that we healed, that we transitioned.
- Everly Scott, Sugar and Other Luxuries -  

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